Kayaks, Bikes, ‘N Coughing Up Lungs

The evening before last I had the brilliant idea to go for a spin on my bike.  For the first 30 minutes I was seriously excited that I had gotten out.  My body felt great.  Maybe my sickness was at an end.  Yea!  I escaped the nasty parts …

At precisely 32 minutes on my ride, and a slight incline I was DONE.  I looked at Mike and said, sorry, but I can’t go

Not feeling the go juice.

another peddle.  Being the super great guy that he is he assured me that everything was A-O.K., and that he was seriously surprised that I was able to go as long as I had.  About five minutes later I began to cough.  Then, about an hour later, just as I was drifting off to sleep, I began the horrible racking coughs that hurt every part of my body.  My lungs were burning, and I felt as though I had received an electric shock of pain that was felt all the way to my toes. I cried out to Mike in agony.  He mumbled in his sleep as I tossed and turned in pain.

The next morning, my Kayak-Sunday morning, the morning I had been dreaming of arrived with slightly dreary skies, and me shaking with body wrenching coughs.  Still, I longed to try out my new kayak.  We debated the wisdom of my going, then, we pondered the benefits, and the potential damage to my recovery if we continued with our plans.  My desire won over my logic.

This is one of the few pics that I will show at this time. I have saved the unflatering ones for later. Right now ... 🙂

As we debated, and took care of obligations the sun popped back out from behind the cloudy skies, and brought us a BEAUTIFUL day.  We left with the full expectation that I would not last long.  That this trip to Oak Mountain State Park would cost more in gas and fees getting into the park than it would truly be worth, but we both just had to get those kayaks wet.  We rushed to the car barely remembering to fill our water bottles.

Love that guy! 🙂

We carelessly set off without food.  Mike had said he was getting me an OpitFast bar, but he forgot it.  Some part of my brain was working, because I felt that we should stop and at least get a protein bar from the gas station.  This was to be a very wise move as it turns out.  We were on the lake for 4 hours.  Rowing for 2 1/2 hours!!  I had a blast!  I barely coughed while I was out there playing around.  The sun felt great.  The sounds of birds chirping, and families playing was soothing to my weary body, and rejuvenating to my mind.

The kayaks were great!  They almost sped across the water.  They moved so effortlessly that it made you want to see how fast you could go.  You wanted to to check out all the nooks and crannies that had never before been explored.  I seriously didn’t think there was much to explore before this visit, we were always worn out and ready to get out.  Oak Mt. St. Park Lake is not very big, but there were places that we had not realized were there waiting for us to discover.  There were cool bridges to paddle under.  Then, there were the moments that we just lazed on the water with our feet propped up.  About 2 hours into our paddling we had to come in for a potty break, and decided we should munch on our protein bars.  They were TERRIBLE.  Thankfully, we had some granola bars, and almond butter in Mike’s truck from our last trip to the beach.  We mixed those two together for new kind of protein bar.  YUM.  A little high in calories, but it was all we had, and oh so YUMMY.

Mike and I went back on the water; Collin was done and decided to run around the park practicing his pre-core or whatever it is he calls the jumps and things he is doing.  This time we stayed out for an hour and a half, and much of that time was spent relaxing.  I began to feel slightly hungry.  This is NOT a good thing.  You know how they tell you that if you are thirsty that you are already dehydrated?  Well, my body doesn’t have an early warning hunger system.  When, I start feeling hungry I am already overdrawn and into starvation.  This is the place where I become a monster.

Yeah, that's us feet up chillaxin'! 😀 Oh ... Yeah!

Eating more of the granola and almond butter was not really an option as it was sweet and I needed something salty.  This is the place where horrible food choices are made for me.  The kind of food choices that cause weight gain.   I become so emotionally charged that I can barely make any choice other than the one my body is craving.  Which lead to a bag of shared Cheetos on the drive home, and cravings for a grilled cheese and french fries.  We had the grilled cheeses, but not the fries.  We had baked onion rings instead — not a great choice, but better than the fried.  After burping up the onion rings all evening they won’t be on my list of favs for a LONG time to come.  I went for a short 38 min ride.  Sick and with a few stops our average speed was 14 miles an hour–not too shabby and we worked off the last of that food.

I know they tell you not to exercise to eat, but I think I will always exercise to counter act overeating–just sayin’.


Gotta love sports wear that makes ya look like a dude! 😀

I have decided I am going to HAVE to get a heartrate monitor to wear when I work out.  Why have I decided this?  Well, one thing said our rowing burned 1,400 calories another 560, and yet another said 248.  Ok, that is TOO large a range and how do I even know which of those to pick?  I went with the middle one because of the level of hunger I was feeling.  The thing is, from the research I have done, I need to have a calorie deficit of 300 to 500 calories if I want to lose durning training.  If I eat less or more the experts say you will gain.  That has happened every time I try to train and workout–I gain.  I have gained again.  I am in the 170s again, which completely SUCKS!  I know how to lose and do wimpy exercise, but not train.

Every time I train I gain.  I am doing something wrong.  I decided, and Lindsey agreed, that it is time to do my resting metabolism test so I can KNOW what I burn in calories just at rest.  I am tired of trying to guess what that is.  I need a baseline of how many calories I need to consume to maintain my current weight so I know what to work from to lose.  Then, there is the whole matter of the heartrate monitor that tells you how much effort and calories were actually burned from the activity done–that as you can see is a MUST for me.  I am tired of going in circles, and I have NO intention of going back on a full fast to get this weight off.

So, there you have my latest tale of woe … I am wracked still with coughing, body aches, and pains.

8 thoughts on “Kayaks, Bikes, ‘N Coughing Up Lungs

  1. The thing I got out of this is, although you nearly didn’t go the kayaking was brilliant and I really enjoyed thinling of you out there on the water Always best to take emergency rations though. The photo that you did display shows you looking fantastic in my opinon so somethings working, Mike really is the man isn’t he. He looks after you so well

    • I did have a wonderful day. It is just always smart to take food. 🙂 I was hoping that today I would not feel sickly, but alas I still do. Thanks … I didn’t post the ones that looked bad ducky. hahaha! Mikey is my hero all the time. 😀 I’m totally stuck on him!

  2. I love kayaking. I don’t get out often, but when I do I just feel like a drop of water on a drop of water in the middle of the whole wide world. Wonderful to hear you had such a good time out there – aside from the hungries and the horrible protein bar, that is. 🙂

  3. You look great in that last picture (some pics didn’t come through for whatever reason). Losing weight is a simple formula: burn more than you consume. Looks like you’re on the right path. Just take care of yourself while doing it!

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