The View From My Office


This motivation personified. Why? I love it here in Destin, FL. Just plain love it. I want a place here .. So … We work to make it happen. Motivation. When you are down here you want to wear a bathing suit. Motivation. These are different motivators, both drive me to push myself outside my comfort zone. Constantly.

One makes me think about every penny I spend to make our efforts count. The other makes me focus on what I put in my mouth–wish further drives my hunger to work out. Which, even if I say so myself, doesn’t need much of a push, but one thing is for sure it keeps me pushing. I mean, who wants flabby legs and arms hanging from a bathing suit?




So, yeah, I’m gonna keep pressing toward my goal of optimum Heath and fitness no matter how uncomfortable it keeps me. What would life be without adventure?? It would be dull. Believe it or not I seek that too.

Signing off from the beach …S

What are you doing that is keeping life and your dreams fresh in your mind? Hmmm? Tell me . .. I wanna know.


6 thoughts on “The View From My Office

  1. well the view is fantastic, and you’ve always done so well battling through your difficulties so good luck with the optimum health and fitness goal. Your determination deserves a reward

  2. I look at the photos from our trip to Jamaica 🙂 We don’t want to live there any time soon, but we were all so happy and relaxed, AND I wore a bikini for the first time in 20 years! They remind me that such good times and good health are absolutely attainable 🙂

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