The View From My Office Part 2


As you can see the view is not quiet as stellar at this moment as yesterday’s calming vista. Today is the payback-payoff-cost for yesterday’s splendor. Still the beach is beautiful when drenched with drain. I’m not sure why, but it has a haunting beauty on these days. The promise of splendor and pleasure. Never mind that the gentle crashing of waves soothing effect on the soul is magnified by the sound of the rain fall.

Today’s rain ‘n work do not offset the grander of yesterdays light.

I love that guy. I live to hang with him. He is my best bud, even when does forget more than he remembers–costing us enormous amounts of waisted time. We are a GREAT team even if I do the sayin so myself. πŸ™‚

Still, beach life is motivating on all levels for health and lifestyle changes. πŸ™‚

Laters … I gotta help mr forgetful. …S


6 thoughts on “The View From My Office Part 2

  1. having that kind of weather here too my dear friend! I agree it can be very beautiful and hauntingly atmospheric but…. not so much fun as a sunny day and much harder to keep up the motivation when it’s so miserable outside! But your post did make me laugh about your forgetful man and that photo is great lol xxx big hugs for you xxx

    • he has been Mr. Dumb Dumb and Mr. Forgetful a lot lately. I have been calling him Dumb dumb for days … he is on a dumb dumb roll. He is super smart so you gotta give him a little trash talk when he becomes mr. dumb dumb.

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