Ok. So, I know this picture is off, but that was the sixth attempt-so I’m sayin D.O.N.E. You get the idea that, even though I have 4 nice ponchos, I did not bring them. So–girlfriend is soaked–meaning most of the “do” and fixin’s is gone (makeup=fixin’s).

On this stop I begged/refused to get out in the rain even for the promise of more food. No cheat food for Shonnie. unless I can come up with some car exercises. Yesterday, I did do planks while I was laying out on the beach sunning my rumpass, or that part if it which escaped the confines of my suit got sun, but only that part. Yes, the bottoms are slightly to large–no get arrested for obsenity charges large but slightly embarrassing large–if one were looking just right and a little too long at my rear. …how’d I get here? Oh…exercises. Well, I’m not feelin’ the love on no kind of exercise right now…bottle of wine maybe…but not no workin. Just sayin. πŸ™‚

Stay tuned… For the rest of the exciting story. πŸ™‚


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