Cycling and Chillin at the Beach

The view as I peddle by. It was LOVELY out. I started to pull out my blanket and just chill, but it was a tough chilly. So I opted to ride on a much less windy day than yesterday. Yesterday was a SERIOUS workout and we only did close to 25 miles. Today is a leisurely ride.

I have stopped along the way to smell the views.


The road.


Where I stopped to have my second lunch. Don’t panic. I had an OptiFast shake for first lunch, and a half sandwich with 6 rice thins for second lunch. :-). No worries here.

In a bit after a seven or so mile ride I will pop in Starbucks or another coffee shop to chill for a bit again. How did I get so lucky to NOT have to work? Well, Mike and I labored over the decision. I know that sounds like a joke, but it isn’t. I really LOVE to hang with him, and he me, but I will be driving tomorrow towards Louisiana to visit with ill family. That’s a lot of driving, and that is what I would have had to do with Mikey–drive. That is hard on me. I swell. So much to the others pain we both felt I should spend today active so the drive wouldn’t hurt me so bad tomorrow. So my lovely day is one of those mixed blessing kinda things.

I am blessed. I am a very rich woman. I love my family deeply, and I am loved greatly by my husband and children in return. I am blessed beyond this beautiful day. I am blessed in love.


4 thoughts on “Cycling and Chillin at the Beach

  1. I want to go with you on the dang beach. I love the beach and ocean here in Oregon….but I do not get enough of it ever….no not….I love the beach and I love walking on it barefooted and hanging out….so yeah gf you go girl:)

    • Thank you … I LOVE AWARDS … just stink at getting the required steps done. especially when my net has been down. šŸ˜€ Thanks LOADS!

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