Lost in Lack-o-Cyber Space

I’m out of town … Surprise. Haha. I bet you didn’t even know I made it home from the beach yet. Hahaha.

I’m back in Louisiana visiting family. One of my childhood buddies, who’s name is Buddy, is very ill. I would have been here sooner, but I contracted the dreaded creeping crud bug, then we had to suffer through a week of work at the beach. I know it was horrible, but such is life. But, Now, I am in Louisiana.





I just KNEW you would want to see my driving pics–so I shared–well, I hope I can share. Then, I shared a pic of me eating — I knew you would wanna see that. Last is a pic of me, hopefully, helping my neck pain with the ice pack. Life has a way of catching up to your body. It doesn’t tend to like it when you push it too hard.

Over all I think I am doing pretty great. I do have bad neck pain, sinus probs, and leg swelling, but otherwise the body is handling the abusive new schedule well. I’ve been eating more clean than not, even with all the travel. I have worked out as well up to this point. We shall see how it goes this week. I don’t have a bike to peddle around on or a gym to lift at. I have some ideas though for keeping fit. I will keep you posted.

Speaking of posting, I am gonna see if this will post. Out here on the bayou we don’t have great service. Cross your fingers. Forgive me if I can’t even like you posts this week. I couldn’t get them to open.



12 thoughts on “Lost in Lack-o-Cyber Space

    • Thanks J. It has come too far and too few between these last few weeks. Net time has been horribly slow. I think I need to take my puter in to make sure I don’t have a bug.

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