Why We Get Fat

I really loved this article and want to be able to find it again … so here I am sharing it as a blog post.  Sorry if I have left you with too many posts for today.  🙂


Why We Get Fat.


5 thoughts on “Why We Get Fat

  1. For me, it’s a simple formula. Take in fewer highly nutritious calories than we expend. Food is a fuel, not a reward. I live that was and have lost about 50 pounds and kept it off for over 6 years at a time of life when people tend to gain weight (in their 50’s).

    • That is awesome Lorna! Wish my body was as simple as yours! Thank God my Doc knows that not all bodies work on simple math–Here in the next few weeks my Doc will be applying some science to my situation to help me tweek this work out thing I got goin on. 😀

      • You’re right. Every body is different. It’s good that you are working with someone who knows your body chemistry and can help you through this. Good luck to you!

      • Thanks … I will get there … this part of my journey is just a little more trying on the nerves than constant weight loss. 🙂

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