I’m Being a Tad Controversial Today

What say YOU?

DISCLAIMER–WARNING–TAKE NOTE before you get all in a HUFF!

I am not ANTI meds or Docs.  Obviously, I have used Docs (UAB EatRight Program), and Meds to keep myself healthy up to this point, and I DO NOT make a MOVE without my Docs keeping an eye on me.  I haven’t been in a few months, but I KNOW they keep up with me through my blog so … there you go (… and I am going again next week).

Having said all this … I DO believe that we need to make sure, before we go popping pills, that we have tried everything else beforehand if we are not in a life threatening situation.  All my docs have supported this line of treatment.  No rushing to medicate.  I was, however, scooting right up the scales in my need for massive amounts of medications.  Much of that has changed over the last year.  Thanks Largely to the fine medical staff at UAB EatRight.  They have helped me change my life.  I am excited.  I wanted to share this with you all.

Had to share the above photo on my Facebook page.  I have to take medicine–but honestly–the meds to help with one problem have caused other problems in my body and weakened my health.  YUM!  My doc and I are working to rid me of my meds.  If your docs are pill pushers — you might want a second opinion.  I totally believe in taking what YOU MUST HAVE — but no more!

Just a little up date on my meds:

  • I used to take 6 diabetes pills, down to one most days and 2 if I eat too many carbs–no one thought I would ever get these down.
  • My blood pressure med was cut in half … now, I have to take it every other day NOT to drop too low.  Can’t yet drop it all together.
  • My edema meds (fluid pills) have been at 2 a day for a LONG time.  Now, one if I am not traveling.

My Life and Health are improving daily.  As my fitness grows — there is a strong possibility that all I will need is the ONE fluid pill–maybe not even that.


I feel 20 years younger.

Why do I train?  Well … there’s your answer.  😀

Besides I love the way I feel and am starting to look — doesn’t hurt that Mikey likes it!  hhehehehe

Well, … I am off to make a chicken salad lunch to take with us to the lake — going Kayaking!  YEAH!

Send you some pics later ….S

21 thoughts on “I’m Being a Tad Controversial Today

  1. I agree. Nutrition is quite powerful–to cure you or make you quite ill. Medical professionals don;t know nearly enough about nutrition and rely too much on pharmaceuticals (in my opinion).

  2. That’s outstanding, Shonnie! Isn’t it great to see those numbers shrinking? I’ve been a bit on the quiet side (like silent as the grave, right?), but I’ve been reading along, never fear. But this was just too good not to comment on it. I’m so, so, so happy to hear this!

    • I have seriously missed you. Thanks for commenting on this. You are right it is so very good. Especially given my recent weight gain. I am up almost 30 pounds from my low. COMPLETELY stinks. That is why I have to go in and get the RMR, because I can’t keep guessing on how much I need to eat. I am screwing up somewhere. Thanks for stopping by. 😀

    • Thanks Ducky. I needed to read this today. I didn’t like the numbers the rude little scale gave me. I am going to have to remember who I am and get back at it! 😐

    • Thanks Testy. Keep me hanging in there. I have had a straight run of going back up the scales. I think I have to weigh everyday or so, because things get out of hand WAY too fast! 😀

  3. Diet and exercise are the foundations of medicine.

    Taking a pill…it’s great an all, but it’s only putting a band-aid on the actual problem kind of like how you’re mentioning above.

    If someone is 800lbs…it doesn’t matter how many medications they take, they will die earlier.

    Lastly, often doing lifestyle changes is far cheaper and more beneficial in the longrun than simply adding a pill; it’s just that most patients won’t do it because a lifestyle change is far more challenging than the extra 5 seconds a day to ingest a pill.


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