Never Give UP!

Maybe you can see a difference … even with my latest weight gain?

I have been trying to build muscle and build endurance for the adventure race Mike and I want to take part in come October 2012.  I shared this great motivation picture on my Facebook Page that reminded me that it was a miracle that I started my journey RIGHT here on Diary of an Angry Fat Woman.  Not so much how or when I finish.  The miracle is that I had the courage to stand up and fight again a battle I had lost so many times.

Just an image for you from the yesterday — so you can see — I HAVE not lost the battle even with my weight gain. Some of it is Muscle! 😀 No, I am Not happy with this size, but all is not lost. Gotta love my Boo pokin’ his head in, and distractin me! 😀

Lately, there has been a love hate relationship between me and the scales.  I was gonna not worry about the scales and well … I keep creaping up the scales.  Now, I have not out grown my clothes and I am One and a half inches larger in my waist than at my smallest weight.  So some things are going in the right direction.  Whats going on with me?  have I been binge eating?  Have I been laying around on my rumpass?

The answer is … No … to all those questions.  I have been placed in some bad food choice situations; I picked the VERY best I selections that had available, and I watched my portion sizes.  I managed to exercise as much as I could–even when traveling.  I have been heavy lifting–which could account for some fluid for me.  I am still trying to figure out how to eat and train.  I have placed a call to schedule my RMR appointment now that I KNOW when I am going to be out of town for the next month.  This should help.

If you can imagine this shirt used to fit me SKIN TIGHT! It was one of our competition outfits! 😀

In the mean time–I have entered Grumps Challenge to help me stay my course.  I figure it will force me to keep and eye on everything I put in my mouth, and cause me to push–I seriously like to win.  This time it is more about winning by moving in the RIGHT direction for the first time in 4 months.  I was worried.  It was stressing me out — until I saw that pic I mentioned earlier.  Then, I shared it and Wren made her comment — both reminded me — I GOT THIS.  At the very worst I can go back on full formula and stop the whole constant exercise thing and I KNOW I will drop weight like a ROCK!  So, I can’t fail.

I can and will WIN!     It is not a matter of if or maybe, but of when.

This was our Friday night ride … see all isn’t lost. I just gotta get this food thing right. I am eating clean and lean, but I just don’t have the portions right … YET

I am going to keep pressing in until I figure this thing out.  I have decided that like, Grumps, I will be weighing regularly for a tool to help me watch over my progress.  This gradual creeping up of my weight is ticking me off.  One way or another I will figure it out!

I seriously LOVED my time on the lake with my family, and a friend who is close as family! 😀  You guys take care and I will be seeing if I can’t whoup up on some GRUMPS!!

8 thoughts on “Never Give UP!

    • Lorna … I do feel SO much better!! There are hardly words to discribe how much better I feel. I think I need to write that post. Compare 2010 to 2012 — that is a blog post! 😀

      Thanks Lorna

  1. YES! We do have the tools now – you are right. This is what I needed to read this morning. You’ve got this & I’ve got this – we can do it.

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