Lest I forget ….

All I need do is look back. Then, take a pic of now … then you can see all is not lost!  I appologize for the flash … but my picture person is gone for a bit and I left to trying to shoot my own in the mirror.  Not quite got that down yet.  🙂

I have a tendance to see a “FAT” girl in the mirror.  I really do.  No matter the weight, or the measurements.  So … I surround myself with positive people who don’t focus on size or weight, but on moving forward.  How do I do that?  Well, let me tell you.  I have a facebook page (which I have not been able to get to post on my blog YET) where I mingle with positive motivating women and men who are focused on moving forward.  There are so many motivational posts out there … yummy victories … AMAZING transformations.

If you have not been to my FaceBook page click on this link to Diary of an Angry Fat Woman on FaceBook, and check out all the cool friends I have.  If you are having a BAD day there will be someone, or some motivational quote, or transformation picture that will make you go … I GOT THIS!  Below is one such AMAZING person that I found while visiting sites.

If after watching Author’s story you don’t feel like taking a stand and fighting again … you are probably dead or seriously depressed.  In the depressed case, don’t beat yourself up, go get some HELP!!

Here are a few folks on facebook that will get your mood up and thinking I CAN DO IT!

Fun, Fab, & Fit posted this just a moment ago … I just about rolled in the floor.

I got this fun one from Motivate Hope Strength

This got my post for yesterday started! This one comes from Busy Mom Gets Fit!

This lady, Sara, will help you get on the road to a well life! 🙂

There are so many more … it would take pages and pages to list them all.  You are worth fighting for.  No, you are not STUPID for trying.  Anything you want is worth fighting for, and so are YOU!

So stand up today — I don’t care what the Rude little Scale Says — Get back up and fight for your life.  We can do this!  PROMISE!

Last but not least … Don’t forget this! Cuz you are awesome! This was sent to me by The Nut.

4 thoughts on “Lest I forget ….

  1. Shonnie, this really made my day. My rude little scales were not nice this morning and I felt ready to give up. But I now have a renewed vigor toward a life of health. Thanks.

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