Today is a New Day

This is where today’s path leads me … They are calling for rain … hoping for sun myself. 😀

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I feel somewhat better this morning–aside from where my workout bit me.  Can’t even blame the Trainer Nazi for it either.  She is at the beach this week … so I didn’t have my reformer classes to further kick my butt.  I am limping along from what I did to myself.

I had to break out the monster machine again. Since I have gained back some of my weight … this little bugger is again my constant friend. 😐

I had a great night’s sleep that caused me to kinda over sleep.  I was supposed to get up at 5 am for a walk/run.  I finally managed to stay awake at 8 am.  I guess I needed the rest.  I think it has been two weeks now that I wake up every night at 2am.  I have to go potty.  This is a sign that my body isn’t happy with my weight as it stands right now either.  Gotta get the weight back down at least 10 pounds if I don’t wanna wear this beautiful night accessory.

I hope to be doing a lot of this:

This was our Friday night ride … see all isn’t lost. I just gotta get this food thing right. I am eating clean and lean, but I just don’t have the portions right … YET

A lot depends on the weather.  There is a bunch of rain forcast — we will see.  I am cool with riding in the rain–just DO NOT like lightening!!  I plan to also do running … I have NO video or pics of me doing that!  ahha!  I am not sure I will have any either.  I will try to see if I can do that for you …. just don’t know how to make that happen.  If it rains as much as it is supposed to, I probably will run, because it feels good to run in rain too. Its like airconditioning.   🙂

As an update on yesterday — Mike recieved a text that may give us a touch of reason for hope.  Love hope.  It doesn’t matter what happens in my life–I cannot live in darkness–I must move back into the light.

Well … I think I need to go and get my sweat on … ooops … I may have waited too long.  I hear Mike …. oh ….well …

What cha gonna do ta get yo sweat on?


6 thoughts on “Today is a New Day

  1. Shonnie, I love how you do open up on your blog. You show us that you are human, as are we all. You are not perfect, same with us. We yoyo in our emotions and our weight and our lives in general.

    And we always pick ourselves up and move on. What great spirit you have. And share with us. Don’t ever atop being you.

    • Good for you for trying……the wake up thingy could simply by age as long as you can fall back asleep easily…..back to chiro this morning myself and then 3 appointments in Boston rest of month…wish I could define and beat what is beating me…I will….I will….I know I can!!!!

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