Sunburned Buns

This could actually be titled WHAT NOT TO DO – on Vaca or Dieting.

So, I was good on my eating while I was out lobsterizing my flesh. I drank my water and ate my carrots like good girl…BUT I forgot to spray my sunscreen on?!?!?!? How in the heck did I do that?!?!?!?! I’m not an idiot, or at least I didn’t think so; now I wonder.


I don’t think that is the face of a dumb-dumb, but who can say for sure.

Then there is the whole competition with the grumpster and others I will list when I get back to the room. I am writing between breaks; eating and cleaning. Anyway…I end up kinda feelin blue because I can’t go for my ride cuz I’m lobsterized. I ate probably 400 calories in macadamia nuts coupled with another 250 in dates. OMG — what was I thinking?!?!?! I was HUNGRY. That’s what I was thinking. I wanted a sweet. It wasn’t gonna matter cuz we were gonna ride — FAIL!!!! We didn’t ride. After our low cal steamed shrimp and nut ‘n date feast Mikey passes clean out. There I am wide awake will a gorged belly, and no way to work it off.

I know better than yo eat the treat first. I know EVERY TIME we do that something happens and we don’t make it to workout.


Yeah, I’m spoiled. I get to ride down the road like a White Trash Princess with my legs all propped up on the dash in my cool blue Ford F150 pickem up truck.

I know I got off the whole lobster part of this story, but I’m back on it. Give me some credit here –if I wasn’t gonna talk about I’d have changed the title. I haven’t lost my mind. I mean seriously. What do you think the pic of my legs was about??

If you can imagine they were solid red yesterday when I came in from the beach. My whole body looked on FIRE. I mean scalded. I freaked out. How could I forget sunscreen? I NEVER burn like this. I was supposed to get on my bike when Mike picked me up earlier that afternoon, but I didn’t want to make myself sick. I mean this sunburn was so bad that itched like a someone poured itching powder in me.

Did my legs look burnt to you? No? Did my face look burnt to you?? Well, that would be because they aren’t. I forgot I took my niacin. The first time I take that blasted stuff after a break it flames my skin and makes me itch all over. I missed my bike time for NOTHING!!! What a DRAG. OK, so maybe I have lost a few of my marbles. 😉


HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to all the wonderful women out there. You are wonderful and amazing–don’t you forget it either.

Blessings …. S


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