Dreaming of a Kiss

I’m sitting under a covered picknic area listening to classical guitar music and watching people lazily stroll along the shore as the blue-green water curls into white caps and hurls itself in a foamy spray. It seems everything, the people, waves, and wind are dancing along with music playing in my ears. Beautiful. The breeze softly kisses my skin on its way by me-to where I do not know. I just know I am grateful for its loving caress.

I biked here. To take this rest from the sun’s harsh glare–to savor the beauty of his glow upon the sugar white sand and diamond-ish sheen he gives the sea–while attempting an escaping his red hot focus upon my tender flesh. I know he attention gives my skin a healthy glow–I fear that the heat of his affection will of me a leathery boot would make.

So in my shelter from his notice I hide — stealing glances …..


Well, I’m tired of sitting and staring and trying to say something cool, so, I’m gonna start peddling. :-). Check y’all later.


9 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Kiss

  1. That was lovely Shonnie. I could just imagine you sitting there enjoying the music and the view as you took a rest from the cycling. Lets hope the sunburn was not too bad. You are a spirited lady with a great sense of life. I really enjoyed this.

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