RMR/BMR Calculator for You

I went back and updated yesterdays post “What the Heck are You Doin’?”, but just thought it would be a good idea to give you a calculator that will help you work out your own base rate that you can use the other part of the formula to figure out how much you should be eating.

A reminder — it was 10% less than my test actually said I was.  This is where an individualized test is a GREAT idea if you are having issues or stalls loosing.  Most university hospitals will have some eating program that can help you with this type of test.  If you can’t find one of those look for a Sports Medicine Doctor, or a Sports Dietitian or Nutritionist (like the link I am including) many of these folk can help you with that.  I found the lady in the link from a TRI woman Swim Bike Mom–she is amazing as well you should check her out–she doesn’t let weight stop her from TRI-ing!

BMR/RMR Calculator  Just click on the hyper-link in the words and check your rate out.

  •  Once you have your BMR, you have to consider your activity level:
    1. sedentary: BMR x 20%,
    2. lightly active: BMR x 30%,
    3. moderately active (exercise most days of the week) BMR x 40%,
    4. very active (intense exercise daily OR for prolonged periods) BMR x 50%,
    5. extra active (hard labor or an athlete in training): BMR x 60%
  • Add this number to your BMR. The result will be the total number of calories you can eat, daily, to maintain your current weight. If you goal is to lose body fat, you will want to consume 500 – 1000 fewer calories (daily). If you want to gain muscle, you will need to eat slightly more calories AND lift weights.

Really … this isn’t that bad. You only have to sit here for 10 minutes and this is a personal reading for your body so you can KNOW where YOU are. You are worth this extra step! Treat yourself to knowledge, because knowledge is power–in this case it is power for YOUR health and quality of life.  Good things.  😀

Don’t cha just Love new experiences? =) This was my first test when I started the program—and why they knew I would need more food–I am serious when I say you need good Docs in your corner. Having people in the ‘know’ makes a HUGE difference.  I can’t wear those clothes anymore.  hehehehe!

Notice I have a neck in the new pic and collar bones — not breast that are about to choke me!  I got a good angle on my face in that old shot (2nd one)– like way above not straight on like the new one (1st one), so you don’t see the change as well.  I can see it — I can see I have a neck in first one and not the second.  I am also so large in the bottom pic that my body is off the chair — not in the one taken yesterday (1st pic).  Some victories are just too sweet not to point out!

Don’t get discouraged because you are stuck or even gained weight.  Get the knowledge you need to Kick your issues in the BUTT!  Be a Butt Kicker!

7 thoughts on “RMR/BMR Calculator for You

  1. Good info and nice pics 🙂

    Says I can eat 2332 calories to maintain, which is about right, my goal is 1700-1800 calories.

    Nice to see you’re still at it and doing so well!!!

  2. As you can imagine this is a bit over my head. If my belt gets a bit tight I eat a bit less and if its nice and loose I can slip in the od dburger or ice cream but thats about as technical as I get. In the last photo you almost manage to make the device look like a fashion item which says a lot for you. One thing which never seems to change is your determination which is always fantastic.

    • Thanks Ducky! I like that you think that about me. Your words prop me up when I feel like quitting! 😀 I think … “Ducky Says I am a fighter!” I gotta keep going.

  3. Interesting. I am aware of calories, but try not to be too calorie-crazy. my BMR is 1320 and I exercise moderately, allowing me to eat an extra 530 calories a day. That seems like a lot. I’ll have to be a bit more conscious of what I eat and how much (probably the key factor). I’ve wanted to lose 5 pounds for a while. maybe this will be the trick… Thanks!

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