Headin Out for a Walk

I want my goal of good health.

So, today, I am pressing in towards that main goal. I have had a week of eating about 70% clean, and I have seriously paid for it in my health.

I have suffered horribly. No food is worth my health. Just sayin. Forget skinny, forget buff … I just want to live healthy and fit.

More when I get back…

2 thoughts on “Headin Out for a Walk

  1. Right on girl….go for it and your attitude is right….don’t worry so much about loosing just keep your focus on this is my life and I want to be healthy:) I’m with you:)

  2. Amen sister! You hit the nail on the head – health is the most important thing, not being a certain size or looking a certain way. I’m about to pound the pavement myself.

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