My Life’s Hard ….

…But sumbudy’s gotta live it. Right?!?!?


My view this fine evening from my chair by the sea.

I know I have been quiet.  I don’t mean to be.  I am reading your blogs and keeping up with you all.  I am working to keep myself fit and stay on track with all my goals.  I will be honest with you though … I am sucking BIG TIME!  I suck not because I have lost all sense, and gone for food or quit working out or anything … but … because I am NOT moving forward in my goals.  I am at a standstill.  A stall.

I was way depressed a few weeks ago when I put on clothes that had been bagging on me earlier in the week that were now fitting like I had gained 20 pounds in a few days.  I was depressed about how all my clothes were fitting. I was also confused how I could gain so fast when I was moderating all my foods and activites.  Then, today when I was washing clothes for my son at the beach–I remembered–I washed all my clothes here.  Why is that so important?  Well, the hot and cold water has been mixed up on the machine.  I had all my clothes washed in hot water instead of cold …. yeah!  Pain in the butt — now — all my clothes fit poorly.  What a relief.  Yes, I have gained, but not anymore than I had before!  Thank YOU GOD!  I was flipping out!


Yesterday … hangin at the beach … sunning just before the twilight.

The beach is such a relaxing place for me.  My troubles seem to be washed away with the surf.  The only real problem I have, besides all my clothes being too tight, is that Mikey has been at home while I have been here this go round.  I am not fond of being without my Mikey.

I’m going to try and write more often.  I can’t promise though … which makes me kinda sad.  Life right now is in a horrible state of flux–I don’t do well in flux–I do feel that I am starting to get a grove though.  I hope to get back to weighing in, and reporting my status.

Just KNOW, I have NOT given up the fight.  I have made life changes.  I have a new way of being and I have NO intention of giving up any more ground.  I knew that I might lose ground when I started lifting and training–that’s why I put it off for so long.  I’m not going back to obese.  Just sayin’ y’all!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet … I am NOT a quitter!  FAilure is NOT an option.  Just sayin’!  Blessings


Me, this evening working on my eyeglass tan. I know I should smile and wear makeup — but who cares! Mikey isn’t here anyway. 😛


Boo Man yesterday. Waiting in line to ride go carts. 😀

One thought on “My Life’s Hard ….

  1. Summer is a season that seems to be difficult for me–weight wise and otherwise. The humidity from the air seems to attach itself to my molecules, thus swelling me up in places that make my clothes shrink. It’s some law of physics that I just can’t stand. Damn Physics!

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