Squattin’ Around

Yeah … my life is so hard right now … don’t be a hater … 😉

Good evening …

I would post pics of the day, but Collin and I were having a blast in the slight waves before the storm clouds came in to ruin our play.  I would be doing a lot of things if I had not spent the better part of the last hour day-dreaming of my Mikey’s arrival.  I am very excited about our reunion.  I miss him.  Sigh …

Back to the evening …

The minuscule amount of rain and storm would not have driven me away save the occasional burst of lightening.  Love rain–hate lightening.  I have this thing about electricity and water!  Just sayin’.  I love being outside in the warm gentle rains of summer.  I suppose I shouldn’t love the rain so much, now that I am a grown woman. Heck, who am I foolin’, I am a gramma. But still, I love to play in the rain.  I wonder if I will ever truly grow up?

Rain does so remind me of childhood that I just can’t be bothered about the slight inconvenience of the wetness–honestly I don’t mind it at all.  I love it.  The warm gentle  rain of summer is soothing, cooling, and cleansing.  I love biking in it, and am seriously contemplating mounting my bike or tying on my runners for an evening jaunt just to enjoy the sensation of it all.  I mean really … who doesn’t enjoy splashing in a puddle just because you can?

Am I alone here?  Am I the only non-grown-up grown-up here?

All this getting fit and losing weight has been about my enjoying life and these kind of moments.  Without fear that taking off on my own could mean my death, injury, or embarrassment sitting on the side of the road looking like a beached whale.  I want to play.  I love playing.  I love laughing and the joy of simple pleasures.  When you are obese you just can’t play.  The only time I could jump for the past 20 years was in a pool.  I would look like an idiot jumping and leaping in the pool, but I love the way jumping makes me feel.  I feel happy inside.  Joyful.  Childlike.

—Right now, in between moments of checking on the movie download and writing I am doing squats with a jump.  I am at 83 squat/jumps trying to make it to 133 or better today as a part of a challenge that I joined.  I didn’t get all the details and when the download is finished I will post them so you all can join if you wanna!  It is all about making fabo booties and all.  I am up to 93 now.  Not to mention I love the jumping.  Ok … up to 103 — you guys are motivating!!  hehe—

I think we all, old or young, need to feel the joy/love/hope of a child even when we age.  There is just something wonderfully cleansing about childish pleasure.  I don’t mean to go around acting a fool all the time, but being able to play just fills your hear with joy.  I am so thankful for how far I have come and how much of life I have been able to enjoy since my loss of over 80 pounds (depending on what I weight right now it is 86 or 96 pounds lost).  My body isn’t where I want it to be yet.  I have not reached my goal weight or figure.  That being said, I am having the time of my life.  I can squat (I’m at 113 now), something I have not been able to do since I was 26 years old.  Something I did not think I would ever do again with the shape of my knees.  I would have to say that I am in the best shape since I was in my 20’s.  The other day I got carded for liquor.  I was so giddy!  Hahaha … the girl said she had to card anyone who didn’t look over 40.  I laughed with glee when I told her that I was almost 50, to which she replied, “You sure do not look it!”  Yea-uh Bay-bay!  I liked dat!

I don’t look 20, nor am I trying too, but it sure feels good to be doing things that I have not done since I was that age, and doing them as well or better now.  Up to 123 now …. I just might be able to make up some of the day I missed at this rate.  Hehehehe!

Well … I think I am gonna sign off for now … maybe I will do a few more squats first … make it all the way to my goal for the day.  I did it!  133 squats.  I let you know if I do more to make up for the day I am behind.  😀  I am at 143 now!  🙂

18 thoughts on “Squattin’ Around

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  2. I’m a little “behind” (heehee) in reading my blogs I follow so I was so delighted to read about the squats!! You are doing an awesome job!! Please feel free to post the link — there’s still time for anyone who wants to, to catch up and beautify their bootays with us, lol!! I love the idea of being childlike and never losing our enthusiasm and joy for life. It’s too short to be too serious. We need to love and laugh and seize the moments while we can. ❤ ya, Shonnie!!

  3. I really do know what you mean, the more I have taken charge and embraced movement, working out & being healthy the more I want to PLAY! Sorry you don’t like lightning, we were able to view the most incredible storm last weekend, you can see the pics & read my child responses hehe 🙂 on my blog …

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