Where the blank have I been?


That is me covered from head to toe. I am not cold or burned. I am super brown. I resemble the color of toasted caramel.


There is you a photo from the first day we arrived at the beach. I am a touch darker. No, I am not trying to resemble the color of burnt toast, but my genetics are blasting from under the 60 and 70 sunblock I am using. Seriously, sunblock is hardly an appropriate word for what is taking place with my skin. The umbrella won’t stay up so I’m covered all the way up. Trying not to turn into a withered prune hag.


To answer the where have been question. I have been at the beach mostly–with horrible to spotty Internet connection. I have brought an assortment of children and grandchildren for snipits of shared splendor. Family time.








There you go–a quick photo journal of where I have been. As you can see I have to work on remembering to take the sunglasses once in a while. Oh, and I am still squatting around–makes the booty look good. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Where the blank have I been?

    • Hahaha …. Grumps … nothing is working for me either. I won’t even get on a scale for fear I will have a meltdown. My life is running me. 😦

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