Gunnin for Grumpster


This me Grumpster. gunnin for ya. I’ve walked 2 miles. Bout to cycle and I am on plan with my food. The only chance you have is that I am gonna go drankin this eve–they will be skinny girl drinks though. So watch out!!!

He he.

Chat at ch’all later this girl’s gotta get her cycle on. Cervello or Trek. That is my question.

3 thoughts on “Gunnin for Grumpster

    • Ducky–you know me too well for having never met me in person. hahaha! I am frightening if I am displeased. hehe. šŸ˜€

      Oh, I am still at the beach, and I am having a GREAT time cuz it is just me and MIKEY! yeah!

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