Yes, I am going to make myself get on the scales and weigh when I get home from this weekends trip to the beach. (I practically live down here–I know I am so abused.) I wanted to share this with any of those who would like to enter the challenge. 😀

The Grumpy Man's Guide to Losing weight & keeping it off

Come on people. Lets get the contest going. Please let me know your starting weight by Wednesday although Shonnie gets until Friday.

If you have no idea what the heck I am talking about then read my last post.

We are having a biggest loser contest…..

Come one come all. Just post your weight on Wednesday and commence the trash talking.

Who you got?

Not this time ‘J”. You are going down! Joan, you shall not win the Coffee Mug. It will be mine…all mine…..

Happy Dieting, get ready!!!


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