Meat Muffins???? EWWWee

Avocado Salad with maters ‘n basil. Greens and Meat MUFFINS! YUM! It was 388 Calories for this and a few crackers. SCORE!

EWWEE??  NOT!  I was surprised how much I really liked this!  I mean meat muffins??  Who’d a thunk it?  I guess Jamie Eason and  I am going to make these again and again. I had to come up with some bulk meal ideas so that I can whoop Grumpster’s Bootea in his Coffee Cup Challenge (Still one last day to join–tomorrow)!  Just sayin’ a girls gota do what a girls gotta do!  Then, here I go sharin’ my tricks.  What is wrong with me–do I wanna lose?  Nahh!  I just like to share–I am a givin’ kinda girl.

Here is the video I watched to make mine — as always — I tweeked the recipe to suit my tastes in the seasonings (which rarely change the calories).  Enjoy.

I will be making many versions of these “meat muffins,” especially since you can make 12 at one time–giving you multipul meals prepped.  I LOVE having stuff already made to graze on instead of fast processed food (Unlike grumpy I have a house full of JUNK FOOD and family who buy it–so I gotta be strong).  Having prepped food is key for me.  I have even heard of folks making the muffins from NON-frozen meat and then freezing them in the pain for a quick pop in the oven.  I am also going to make a smaller meatball version to freeze for low fat fixins’ for many food ideas.  I promise I will share those with you too.   My version has grassfeed beef and turkey breast.  Jamie’s muffins are 100% turkey breast.  I don’t care for straight ground turkey breast burgers or much of anything else, but I do like adding that or chicken to cut the fat of my beef.  Her muffins were 80 cals each.  Mine were a 100 cals each. So there is a bit of a trade up on the calories and I know some women down’t lose if they eat beef–I’m not one of those.  I will start having issues if I don’t eat it often enough.

Side Note: Yes, you see bacon in my greens–nitrate free and organic–that was accounted in my 388 calories for the meal.

My version of the Wild Planet Tuna Salad I shared the other day. Another score! The salad with my addition a teaspoon of oil added up to 209 calories of WOW-BAMB-BOOM Good!!

I have to tell you … I have NEVER liked tuna before this TUNA.  YUMMY stuff (click link for recipe)!  I don’t know or understand all the details of why this “Wild Planet Foods” tuna is so special, but it is.  I am a girl who will NOT eat fishy fish.  I grew up in Louisiana where fresh fish and seafood are in abundant supply–this could be my picky fish-ness problem–so If I like this brand enough to keep yappin’ about them and giving them free advertising–it’s DANG GOOD.  Just sayin’ …

As with the other recipe–I took liberties because I was hungry and wanted food fast.  I was ticked with myself that I forgot to add the basil from my garden in, but it was still KICK BUTT … that is what I am gonna do to you Grumpster.  Yeah–I am seriously trash talkin’, but it is kinda fun even if I am not going my normal–I KNOW this works diet plan, but trying a new one so I am kinda nervous.  hehehe! I’m still giving it one heck of a good try.  Yep — I will be posting my weight tomorrow.  BOO HISS!  I no wanna–Just sayin’!  I NO LIKEY the scaley.

Well … until the morrow … I will leave you with my exercise pic for the day.  Weighted pelvic lifts–I know I am getting so racey with the butt cleavage, meat muffins, and pelvic lifts–but hang in there with me for a bit longer … it could be interesting.

60 pound pelvic lifts do affect your back. hahaha! Still fun time though. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Meat Muffins???? EWWWee

  1. Mmmm meat muffins, yummer, I actually am not a muffin girl [ accept my dang muffin top ] but meat muffins sound delicious! LOL Love your weighted bridge there!!

  2. What cute kids! I’ve seen recipes for mini meat loaves that are like this. Meat muffins I think is just a freaky word…LOL But who cares because your dinner looked delicious!

    • They were really good–kinda sounds wrong though. haha 😀 Everyone in the family had to try them and all said they were suprisingly good. They were actually eyeballing them — like they might steal them if I wasn’t careful.

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