Hey. I’m Alive

I’m still alive. Mostly pain free. My arm is weird. I have been in a drug induced haze. Mostly drug free today.

As for the contest. I’m goin the wrong direction. I am UP, yes you heard me correctly, I’m up to 187. I hope it is mostly medicine induced water gain, but any way you slice it it isn’t very pretty. I’m doing my part and holding steady my course in spite of my gain. If anything, I am pushing harder. One of these days I might have the courage to plot and look at my graph of my weight gain. Not right now.

For now, I’m pushing in full ahead with my goals. Don’t
Count me out just yet. The game isn’t over by any stretch.

Chat at y’all soon.


3 thoughts on “Hey. I’m Alive

  1. Meds can do wacky things–like make you constipated. Try not to weigh yourself until the meds (and their effects) are out of your system.

    Since I’m back blogging and I’ve been hankering to lose abut 10 pounds, I think I’ll join in. I’ll weigh in tomorrow, How’s that?

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