Sitting n Waiting


I’m sitting here 1/2 hour early because I forgot to ask Linsey what time. I was slightly stressed when I called her–so, I will forgive myself. I really-strongly that waiting should be outlawed! Just sayin.

Yeah, I’m waiting, AGAIN. This time for lunch with my honey. I love time with him. I got my food. Got my visit with the doc in. Thanks, Lindsey!! She just got a promotion. She is Amazing–I’m so excited for her. The “Evil Dr. Ard is moving to Winston Salem, NC.–if you are in need of a GREAT DOC. You should look him up. He will be missed.

My “Skinny Licous” app for my brunch.

“What? You wanna know what happened at the doc? Not about the food and who’s where?”

I’m sorry I tend to get carried away sometimes. I am hungry. ….

Sorry for the long break, but the food came, and well this girl had-ta eat. Mikey has taken the day off to hang with me so I will get back to you in a bit.

Oh it is very hopeful news.

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