Under Construction

This is my new theme!

That is the new and LARGER me.  Why am I not whining?  Cuz I am STINKIN’ MAD.  This is the reason for the name ya know.  I get mad as a wet hen (at least I have been told they get seriously mad) wanting to peck everything to death for making me damp.  Getting mad is a good thing.  Cuz, I go looking for something to kill.  In this case it is a medication that I can slowly cut back on.  Still waiting on one of my docs to call me about changing the meds, in the mean time, I am cutting them back myself.  More on that in a moment …

I want to catch you up on why I didn’t finish the other day.  This is my life lately–pretty much a typical week of travel with one kid or the other–over the past few months.


  • Clean up apt. after a four days or so with Son, Daughter-in-law, and grandson in Destin.
  • Call Dr. to get appts.
  • Drive back to Birmingham.
  • Unload and fall into bed–LATE.
  • No real workout for happy pill.


  • Can’t wake up because we got in so late, but manage to call a few other docs to get started on getting  my life back.
  • Get Collin’s buddy approved to head back to beach for vaca.
  • Hug and try to play with grand girly before leaving again.
  • Try to figure out a plan for the weekend and two teen boys.
  • No real workout for my happy pill.  I do some stuff–but I don’t call it a workout.
  • Miss Mikey and I have NOT left yet.

My problem is in the deltoid area … I can’t remember what all she said. But I got this great image @ Britannica.com

Wednesday —

  • Head to Docs office, too early.  WAIT.  Get some good help and get diet food.
  • Meet hubby for lunch–best part of the day.
  • Hang with him reading books at Barnes & Noble
  • Get kiddo’s ready to head back to Destin.
  • Grab one itty bitty sugar from grand girly. Repack and stuff for tomorrow.  Kiss and squeeze the grand boy.
  • No real workout again.
  • Seriously get sad cuz I am leaving Mikey again!!

These two beauties constantly interrupt my life flow. This is my bedroom and they burst in … how could anyone deny such cherubs? I know I can’t.


  • Get kisses from both grand babies while finish packing stuff.
  • Go to Neck and Shoulder doc.
  • Sit and Wait.
  • Take X-Rays and have a sonogram of shoulder–get booked for MRI.  YEA!   Not!    I hate being stuck in those tubes!  😦
  • Then, Collin and I drive to pick up his buddy, and then we drive to the beach through gobs of rain storms, and road work.  YUCK!
  • Half way there my Daughter calls and asks when I will be by the house.  Me–I’m gone.  Her–Then why are all your meds here?  Meltdown.  She decided to have them mailed to me next day.  They still aren’t here–were supposed to be here an hour ago.  😦
  • Take boys around, buy them food and junk to much on … again no real workout.  😦
  • Seriously Miss MIKEY.

My other happy Pill … the tall goofy guy on the left.  Who thinks I look sexy with white stuff all over my face.  You can’t beat that with a stick.  Seriously … why would you want to … unless he asked for it?  😉


  • I woke up but couldn’t get going until 8 am.
  • Storms came and had sort of a work out trying to keep the tent/covering from flying away or destroying my car.  Got completely wet.
  • Wind pics up again, and moves tent up to house–including throwing a weight in the shrubs.  I re-weight everything.  Move my car from under it.  Lower it.
  • Once there is a break in the rain I raise it up, re-stake it, re-park my car under it.
  • Rains come again with a threat of super wind.  So…while there is still sun in the sky…I start to break the whole thing down.  The rain comes, and I get wet all over again, but I manage to get the tent broken down.  Yeah!  Dang thing is stayin’ broke down for a bit.
  • Still, no real workout. I did a few squats and kettle bell throws, but not many.  Suns out now — so maybe when I finish this post I can get a ride or go for a walk.  Walking in the rain sounds fun–sans lightening.
  • Meds still are not here.  This isn’t looking good.   😦
  • Just got word that a moron gave my daughter faulty info, and so who KNOWs when my meds will get here.  Pray I don’t eat my two kiddo’s; my son is Autistic and the other boy has Aspeburgers.  I need prayers.  hahahahhahahhahaha
  • Have to make myself write my blog — cuz it is NO fun tellin’ folks you gained AGAIN!
  • Miss Mikey even worse.

The tent/covering. You see my lovely yellow kayak in the corner–I am NOT ALLOWED to use this at ALL! Heartbreak!  😦

Such is the song of my life.  It goes up and down, and zooms all around–much of the time without my approval.   Just when I think I got a plan–something interrupts.  Oh well, I still have a great life.

Weight Loss and Shoulder Injury Update:

As I sit here and type my neck is killing me and I am seriously swollen, because my meds have not arrived. Life is always an adventure.  🙂

If I understand things correctly from Lindsey and the Doc I saw in Clinic yesterday–my meds are most probably causing the problem.  Easy fix.  Change or reduce meds.  I got optifast products to help me get this done–and an order to consume 85 gs protein a day.  I was planning on starting today, but it really didn’t workout that way.  I have been watching my food, and logging my meals. I was very happy to find that there might be a problem with something outside myself.  I was getting pretty down on “ME” for a bit here.  I could not understand how I could let it get out of hand so fast–I was feeling crummy, but when I gained 10 pounds in less than a month I knew something was up.  I mean really, I there was no way I ate that much.  That would be 35,000 calories consumed OVER daily needs calories–that is what it takes to make ten pounds happen.  That would take some SERIOUS EATING to achieve that in less than a month.  I haven’t done that.  I’m not even sure that I COULD.

I am feeling much better about the weight gain.  Yeah, it would have been great to have caught this BEFORE it got so far along, but at least we caught it prior to my pushing head-long to 200+ pounds.  I am a yummy 189.5 pounds as of Wed.’s weigh in at the clinic.  Which is DOWN from 196 over the weekend–talk about PAINIC! When I called Lindsey, she mentioned the meds so I started cutting back then, Thanks AGAIN LINDSEY!  I am sure that accounted for my weight drop–and that was after driving and sitting in waiting rooms.  🙂

Trainer Thought For the Day posted this on their FaceBook page and well … I have taken this up as my new mantra. Thanks “Trainer Thought for the Day!”

As for the shoulder/arm injury.  That news is not as good as the diet plan.  She (my Doc) could see muscle loss just from looking at my injured arm with the naked eye.  I thought I had seen it too, but was hoping I was worried over nothing.  I wasn’t as it turns out.  She couldn’t tell how bad the degeneration was, but there is damage.  Whine.  I have three possibilities two of which involve surgery.  One of the three will require JUST physical therapy (I’m hoping for this one).  I can still workout to keep things moving, but only with light weights and mega reps.  BOO HISS!

I’m working on a positive attitude.  I feel like I have been sucker-gut punched.  I guess I should be glad that my weight gain mostly likely isn’t an eating issue, but a medication issue–that can be easily fixed.  Easy–well–if you call hyper dieting easy.  I wasn’t really in the mood.  I really don’t like how I feel–how fluffy I feel.  So, I will LIKE hyper dieting.  I will work out what I can, and pray for rehab not surgery.

My hubby says it just makes for a more real story.  I have to tell you … I have a GREAT story without all these problems.  Just sayin’.  Such is life.  This is my life.  One great story after the other.  🙂

I have a choice.  I can allow these setbacks to knock me down and hold me captive, or I can stand up and fight.  You know I am gonna fight if you have followed me for long.  I am just struggling with the whole get up and go at the moment.  It won’t last long.  I like me.  I like being healthy.

Off I go in my too tight workout clothes to walk or ride to keep this flab going in the right direction — OFF my body.  😀

18 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Someone was hurt before you, wronged before you, hungry before you, frightened before you, beaten before you, humiliated before you… yet, someone survived… You can do anything you choose to do. –Maya Angelou. Shonnie…. Truly The Best Of You Is Yet To Come! Bridgette

  2. Shonnie, there’s no way you look like you weigh that much. No way. Check your scales. Are they measuring you in dog-pounds (which work like dog years)? Keep that beautiful chin up. As long as you are breathing and writing, you are ahead of the game!

  3. You just have so many dificulties thrust in front of you. Never mind the weight loss, the character you show in dealing with them so oten in these posts is just inspiring to those who know you. You are one gutsy girl

    • Thanks Ducky. It is so nice to have those who stand with you even when it “appears” that I am losing. I know I am NOT losing the battle, but it does look like it right now. Weight was still down this am.

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