I’m Still Here …

I’m gimpy and tired.  Took a day off yesterday to rest.  Felt better and made my way into the “Trainer Nazi” which made me feel GREAT.  I got a lot done today, but played with both grand babies so now I am super tired.  I kept thinking, and I had a LOT of great ideas for posts and such, that I would get in here and write a blog post–just wasn’t to be.

I think I have gotten my body to turn around and start moving downward–we shall see.  Still really tuckered out. I had planned to work on my couch to 5 k with the hubs tonight, but that is gonna have ta wait I am afraid.

You guys be good.  Hang in there.  Smile.  🙂

Hangin’ with my Hubs makes me smile everytime. 🙂

6 thoughts on “I’m Still Here …

  1. GF hang in there….all will be ok…you are a beautiful woman and all the pain that you have suffered will be filed away and your life will go on and your life will be good and happy:) We all stand together and I am standing with you sister:)

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