I’m a Crappy Blogger

Yeah, I am.  Don’t be soft on me.  I stink lately.

This year of my “after” OptiFast life has been VERY TRYING.  So much family trauma that I am NOT able to post about.  Serious illness and injury.  I have two pulled rotator cuffs.  I will be doing therapy in hopes that I will NOT have to have surgery, but the chances are pretty high that I will STILL have to have the surgeries.  Boo Hiss — Wah Wah.  That is bad enough without my Mom-in-law stepping in a hole and breaking her leg and ankle in FIVE places–and these are not the worst of the family issues, but the only ones that I am able to talk about.

Sophie Kept me Company at the Docs

My weight has stayed the same–no change is good I guess–but I really had hoped to go downward.  Right now in our hurtful storm, holding steady is almost as good as progressing downward in my weight spiral.  I hate not writing.  I have so much I want to say and share with you about what I am learning in this year of trials.  I just do NOT have the will to write at the moment.  Life seems too large and too heavy.  Breathing is sometimes a challenge.  I have slept most of the week away from meds, pain, and then there where the tests.

When I wasn’t sleeping, having tests, and going to the doctor–Donna “The Trainer Nazi” Jones was putting the hurt on me (where I can be hurt) so bad I pass out from it.  Right now, I have to put my hand on the potty in order to sit down on it.  She seriously put the “Tabata” on me.  Donna doesn’t just do Tabata — she does Tabata with WEIGHTS.  OUCH!  We squatted until I just can’t bend, squat, or pee without assistance.

Good news

I haven’t needed my blood Sugar Meds for TWO weeks.

Blood Sugar #’s have been 117 to 89 for most of the two weeks.  Average of 99 at first rise.

My fluids have stayed down pretty good.

Stuck to my diet plan even with all the stress in my life.

Got 2 of my three runs in for the my first week of C2-5K.

May try for the other run/walk tonight–that or ride bikes.

Mikey Loves ME.


Love my Kiddo’s, and My FAMILY.

I read several good books and another is on its way in the mail.  When you have love and a good book–life can almost be perfect in the middle of a horrid storm of pain.


Another reason to smile on rainy days. 🙂

If you pray — remember my family — we need a lot of it.  While this post is mostly light,  the need is beyond serious, sad, totally overwhelming, and in the manner of life and death.  Oh, don’t forget all those folks in the line of the hurricane.  Our little apartment would be one of those places in the line of that storm.

Just so you don’t think I have lost my sense of humor let me share with you one of my latests boobs:

Texting back and forth with Mike about loving him, when my AT&T bill text comes through.  I copied and texted this info to Mike who promptly paid said bill.  How do I know this?  I got a text to this effect.

Well, forgetting that AT&T sent the “paid” text NOT Mike, I promptly sent him a text telling him How much I wanted to Kiss his face.  Such conversation is common between us.  I tend to tell him he is the sexiest man alive when he calls, and I have accidentally declared this to our children who called me from his phone.  Everyone laughs at me when I do.

My honey who goes running and everything with me. Yeah, I do like to kiss his face a LOT.

BUTNEVER have I told the guy at AT&T that I wanted to Kiss his Face.  I discovered I had done this when I went to scold text Mike after the appropriate amount of time waiting for  his complementary response to my text had expired without his responding appropriately.  We had a good laugh — my Mom seriously thought this was funny.  Thank goodness that I just sent the I wanna Kiss Your Face text.  YIKES! Gotta watch who I am sending what too.




9 thoughts on “I’m a Crappy Blogger

  1. At least you are here and telling us about some of it–and that’s good. I once thought I was in a hole so deep that I’d never get out. I have those times as a great reminder when things look not-so great now. I remember back then and feel grateful for my minor problems now. So, think of it this way, you are creating a baseline for a whole lot of gratitude down the road!

    • Love you girl. You hit the nail on the head. Where we are right now, as black as it is, is not the worst life has been. We will pass through this to a place of peace. We will. We always do. :). Thanks.

  2. Believe me I know that life can be hard, and apart from your published difficulties I can hardly imagine what the others are but believe this. However difficult it gets for you, and I suspect it is much more difficult than you are making out, your will to just keep going and the strengh of your family always inspire. Thank you for that

  3. Trying to send you good thoughts. Life isn’t always easy and it’s the tough times when we get joy about the smaller things and our lives get put more into perspective. Our views of what’s important shift. Sad we have to go thru such tough times to have these paradigm shifts, but it’s good that we have them.
    Get better – heal, smile, love.

  4. I assure you that AT&T techs need a lot more love in their lives. My Mike worked helpdesk purgatory during the first few years of our relationship. You definitely made that guy’s day! Prayers sent, sweet lady. And strength, too. ((hugs))

    • Oh my goodness Shonnie – your mum-in-law stepping in a hole……. that is EXACTLY what my mum did last April!!! EXACTLY!!! She has had to have several operations and still can’t walk properly and had to use a stick – I’m right with you here!!!

      Holding a good thought for you and sending you all my love xxx

      P.S. it might be a stressful time but you’re sure looking good girl!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

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