I know I have been very quiet and spotty for the past few months.  My family life has been in upheaval resplendent with changes.   Many of the changes were good, others were not, but all were horribly stressful.  One of the reasons for my dark post the other day has ended.  My husband’s father lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer last night. The last few weeks have been beyond stressful.  I might be spotty for a bit longer.  It is hard to think of a post under the level of duress that we have been under.  Thank you for your patience. Shonnie

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  1. Oh Shonnie 😦 I’m so sorry to read this – I’m sorry that you’ve all had to go through such a traumatic time – my love to you and your family and an extra big hug to Mike xxx

    • Thanks Daisy. Life has been a very terrifying ride this past year. Last year was filled with so much success … this one with so much failure, destruction, and pain. YIKES. I do feel like I have a plan to turn my life around again.

      • It certainly has been horrendous for you 😦 but I know you have the inner strength to come through stronger than every before – I’m so proud of you, it’s easy when things are in our control – but when we’re battling things that we have no control over, that’s frustrating and painful – it’s how we learn to cope and get through them that counts.

        It’s the first of a new month today – and round about the time we started to formulate a plan to tackle our health issues – who could have known how much we would grow in such a good way?

        Sending you all my love xxx

      • OMG!!! Did I say ‘this time last year’ we were getting our acts together – it’s actually TWO YEARS now isn’t it – I just realised from a comment Betty made – 2years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! Love you Shonnie!!! xxx

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