Hey there good lookin


Here’s lookin at you kid. I know. I know. I am saying goofy lines over and over again. This is my feeble attempt at blogging after life’s insanity if late.

Mostly I just want to gripe and complian. Not my normal mode of operation. For instance: I would like to find the person smoking at this moment–ruining my beach experience–giving me a headache–and stuff that ciggie up several choice openings in said persons head.

Some people, have made my already painful existence super bad word bad word hard. I can’t do to them what would make me feel a release so I simmer and stew.

I. Want to make this funny. Cuz that would make me feel good, but hunt and peck typing takes too long. Besides, half the time when I get back to my computer I find I have not said what I intended.

There’s you a pic of me. Intended to make you jealous–except if you were here you would smack me because the flies are biting–BAD. 😉


19 thoughts on “Hey there good lookin

    • The sand in the Panhandle of Florida is beautiful. Soul restoration does take place on those shores. Wish you could be there. We would have a blast. If the mood strikes ya … you could always fly over … I could recomend some fabo places. 😀

      • Oh you can’t wish I were there more than I do!!! I could just runaway but I’m not sure I’d come back lol The mood certainly takes me right this moment in time I can tell you! You have inspired me to walk down to the beach and take some photos – I will get them on the blog later!!! xxx

      • Ahhh lol they are up and posted… but they might make you feel miserable – no, actually I think they will give you a legal high lol They will make you realise as if you didn’t already… just what a beautiful part of the world you live in! xxx

  1. I’m beyond caring what you say. I’m just so pleased to hear you say anything. Life can often suck. I know that for sure, and not helped by alien cigarette smoke born in on the wind, but To hear from you in any shape at all helps lift my day. God Bless You.

    • Thank you. I am so glad to lift your day. It is nice to know there are those out in the blog-o-sphere who would care if I vanished. Makes my day! The feeling is mutual. 😀

  2. You don’t have to be funny, love. Sometimes life just sucks. That’s the real version, you know. Although the image of you shoving a cigarette up someone’s nose did make me smile. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re alive and kickin’… I have no doubt you’ll be raisin’ a ruckus in no time! Hugs!

    • Thanks Beth. It has been a super hard year. Problems with health and family have really left me wobbly. Glad to make you smile — it would have felt so good to shove that ciggy. 😉

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