On the TB train. Ouch!!


Yeah, I have air plane and car booty.

I know the picture (say pitcha) is blurry, but that’s the best I could do. I’m trying to get back on my blogging roll. I still don’t like hunt and peck posting. And I’m getting car sick. Guess I will HAVE to wait for later to finish this. I don’t think phones do well when barffed on.




6 thoughts on “On the TB train. Ouch!!

    • Girl … I am always so horrified when I get back and see my posts in a larger medium. I have english grammar problems anyway. So … on the little screen … I am lost without a hope. hehe. 🙂 Just trying to make myself get back at something I love when life is just so hard that I don’t want to do anything that normally brings pleasure. Everything has just seemed like WORK. 🙂 Starting to feel like me again.

    • Ducky my friend — you are a super blessing. Thank you for just always being there! Means the world! I still hope to hop the pond and meet up with you and Dear Dizi Daisy! 😀

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