It’s Monday–No, it’s Wednesday. Are you sure?

Me after a full two days of cooking. 🙂

I’m Kinda Sure that I know what day I am on.

Yes, My life has been just that crazy.  It has been seriously hard to figure out what day it is–Monday, I kept thinking it was Friday–could that possibly be a Freudian slip??  I know that I am so tired that I barely care about anything.  I don’t want to dress up–heck I hate clothes period right now–don’t even get me started about bras!  Sufficed to say, life is challenge enough that clothing is a HUGE pain.

I think I have a plan for taking it back–stopping the body rush to gain–and getting myself back to normal on so many levels.  I like feeling as thought I have some control over my life.

I know, that no one can control all the aspects of their life. We can limit the effects of others choices on our lives, and we can chose NOT to take part in the insanity.  That is what we are doing as a family.  Making choices for peace and rest in our lives.

Still, One should be able to control the food they eat though.  I was so tired and stressed over the past few months that it was hard to make decisions.  It is hard to “KNOW” what is going into your mouth when you can barely remember it after it went in.  Never Mind I was trying to eat healthy–on several occasions of late there were NO healthy choices to make.  So … I took action.  Monday and Tuesday were spent making huge purchases that were portioned into prepped foods for me.  Some are already cooked for “FAST FOOD” that is healthy.  Some is just seasoned up and ready to throw in a pot.  I also made food that I can take with me if I find myself needing to travel–it is looking like I will have to very soon–maybe in the next few days.  Yes, for sad reasons.

I am so very excited to have taken back this one spot in my life.  I have a plan–that always makes me feel better.  I am going to try one more round of personal pushes, and then it is back to the Doc for me if this doesn’t start turning down.  I’m not playing around here.

I’M NOT gonna allow life to rob me of my victories.
    • Not gonna let those who are HAPPY that I have gained back some of my weight to stay happy.  Plan to seriously piss them off, by regaining my slim lines.
    • I’m gonna stay healthy and fit, and keep pressing my limits.
    • Gonna revel in the low blood sugar numbers that have meant only FIVE pills in the last two months.  Talk about smack!
    • Gonna work until I find a solution to bringing back order and peace to my life.

I have missed all my blog buddies.  How have YOU been??

Blessings … S

4 thoughts on “It’s Monday–No, it’s Wednesday. Are you sure?

  1. Hey, I’m trying the 5:2 eating plan and with good results. I find it easy to do and I’ve lost 2 pounds just this week. On the days when I eat “normally” I don’t try to make up for the calories I didn’t eat on the 500 calorie days. My body feels better too. I think it’s good to give your digestive system a rest every once in a while. 🙂

    • I’m feeling pretty good too. I didn’t weigh. Haha so I don’t know if I lost. But fell better and my tummy is smaller. Gonna keep at it too. I like it a lot.

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