What do you do when life kicks you in the groin?

Well … of course you get up and KICK IT RIGHT BACK!

Last night I wrote this out for my Autistic 17 year old, Collin, to read aloud to himself.  He told me that he hated who he was.  That broke my heart as a mother.

I am the mother of several children with LEARNING DIFFERENCES (you might call them special needs–I DON’T).

    • First–sequencing disorder.  That she kicked in the butt and took AP classes.
    • Second–Traumatic Brain injury.  He is a walking MIRACLE!  He is still kickin’ it –and he saved his brother’s life so I am VERY PROUD.
    • Third–ADD, Dislexia, and Tourettes.  She can write and speak so well that it will blow your mind.
    • my third child (daugther) in video  (she is the blond running from the zombie and that is her screaming).
    • Fourth–Autistic.  he has defied all confines of the disorder.  He is a walking MIRACLE!

We DO NOT accept limitations. We understand our weaknesses, we analyze them, accept the challenges, and then we defy their sorry confines, and KICK THEM IN THE BUTT! Because NO one, but US, defines who we are and what we can do.

My beautiful young man needed to be reminded that he is amazing. He wants to be like everyone else. I think that would be selling himself short. I think we all need to be reminded occasionally that–We ARE AMAZING.


When you doubt it … read what I wrote out for him, then tell yourself:I AM AMAZING!It’s the truth. Believe it!

Blessings … S

13 thoughts on “What do you do when life kicks you in the groin?

  1. Having met one of your precious miracles, I can’t say it enough… you and Mike are fantabulous parents. You both have beautiful hearts and have done everything possible to enable your kids. You should be so proud of yourselves and your miracles. I am.

      • I think Collin is one of the most capable kids I’ve ever met for having been dealt unique challenges. And such a handsome young man to boot. I love that you guys have worked to make his life as normal as possible, teaching him to do the same things as his peers and expecting him to rise to your expectations more often than not. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in life!

        Besides–and I think we discussed this–who wants to be “normal”? How dull.

      • I’m pretty excited to see what he does as well. I see now that he will need a touch more pushing than I had hoped.

        I’m with you — normal would be super DULL!

  2. You are right Shonnie,he is, and so are you. Sometimes, in the evening if you get a chance to settle down and look out over the landscape, sit there and relax for a minute and take pride in you you are. Pat yourself on the pack. You deserve more than most I know

    • WOW, that is about the sweetest compliment I have ever gotten. THANK YOU so much for saying so. I will do that because you asked me too. I will accept your words. 🙂 I will let them be an encouragement to my heart. To help me keep strong on bad days. 😀

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