Did I do everything Right?

In spite of how often I have done this lately, I am not a big fan of “reblogging” others words on my blog.  I actually have a lot to say, and not nearly enough time to express it all.   So why have I done this so much of late?  When it comes to the food, well it is simple, I don’t want to forget where I read the recipe.  I just want to have it on hand.  I don’t want to take credit for their efforts by rewording the whole thing and making it mine–besides–that takes a lot of brain power I do not have at the moment. Today, however, I am going to share not only a recipe (Butternut Squash Fries), but a bloggers status update that I feel is so important for all us “LOSERS” out there to remember.

I am titling it:

Did I do everything Right?

This is Not a Diet – it’s your life. wrote:

When I started, I just wanted to lose weight. I didn’t fully comprehend the whole “lifestyle change” concept. I wanted to feel better and look better. I didn’t know what I was doing at all, I just started. I didn’t research anything, I didn’t read up on it, I just pressed go.

Did I do everything “right”?
Nope. I did a lot of things wrong.

Did I eat all home cooked foods and avoid junk foods?
Nope. I counted calories and reduced how much I ate, but I still ate junk- including fast food.

Did I incorporate strength training?
Nope. I pretty much just did the elliptical for a year.

Did I eat the right amount of calories for my weight and activity level?
Nope. I had no concept of that. I aimed at 1200 calories a day (as recommended by my doctor. Note: I truly do not recommend this)

Did I eat every 2 hours and make sure to get protein with every meal?
Nope. I still don’t do that.

I succeeded anyway because even though I did a lot wrong, I did two things right:
1. I was willing to change my mind and adjust my actions when I learned new things.
2. I kept going and didn’t give up.

This isn’t something you can screw up permanently by making some less than ideal choices. The human body is amazingly resilient and adaptable. So forget all those people who tell you you’re “Doing it wrong” because if you are still trying, you are doing it RIGHT.

I hope you will take a moment and look at yourself, all your efforts to improve your life, and give yourself the pat on the back you deserve.  Her words are wise.  YOU ARE doing it RIGHT … because you have not QUIT!

Love yourself today,



4 thoughts on “Did I do everything Right?

  1. Funnily enough, even when I hear you muttering about “re-blogging” it makes me smile. I might try the recipee, but lets face it that is unlikely. And anyway I’ve just had a cheese sandwich. Really I just popped in to see that you were Ok

    • Thanks Ducky my friend. I am alright. Starting to get my wind back. I think I have a few plans to tackle the problems in my life and that empowers me. I like to feel empowered. It might just be an illusion, but that works for me too.

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