My Life in Pictures Part II


Sunrise or set is lovely. 🙂


Sunset … nuff said


Mikey chasin’ me on a night ride in Destin. 🙂


All hyped up on Krispy Kreme!


WOW! The view was worth it! 😀


Ok … Patsy … you have me doing CRAZY stuff all over the place. I know you have moved on but I am still squatting in strange places.


The man … don’t cha just love that expression!! hahaha!


My most peaceful moments are spent in a chair on this beach. I do NOTHING … or I swim … but both wash my soul clean of clutter.


Back in Birmingham … going for a night ride. My super girl cape didn’t keep me warm. Oh … well … I went anyway. 😀


This is when I am thinking of cussin’ Peggy Lucas for talking me into this trail run — nahh not really … I can’t tell you …. no … not gonna tell you!


Me kindly declining the yard work offered me after the trail run. 😀


Mikey the studd muffin and Willardo are goin’ for it though. 😀


This is my life right now. WEIGHING Everything! UUHHHGGG! whine! (sp?) I kinda have to do this or I just lose track of what I am doing even though I am a great eyeballer … when I am tired … I make excuses. The scale is the excuse killer.


I spent days prepping meals so that I would stay on track. This is hard work, but well worth the effort! 😀 She says as she hobbles off to rest. 😉


This is me trying to smile while running. I think you get the picture of how GREAT I look running and how EASY it is for me. hahahahaha


Back at the Beach … yeah … it is nice, but it is a LOT of work living in two places. I am so the girl for the job! 😀


One of my prepped breakfasts of boiled eggs, avocado, and tomato …. yes .. very good with them herbs thrown on top. I am the herby girl for sure!! 🙂


Another sunset walk. I always manage to find my way to the beach. This night Mikey was still working so I was on my own. I did have him in my head though. hahaha


A morning walk … see what I mean … my feet always beat a path to the sea. It just calms me. This morning I was just going to sit, but the water felt so nice I swam until I could barely walk. 😀


Mikey was working again … so I suited up for a night bike ride by myself. 🙂


This was YUMMY! One of my new experiements. Butternut Squash, apples, and a few raisins tossed in scant coconut oil and baked in a touch of water and lime juice. YUM! YUM! I was bad and didn’t share with Mikey!


Me practicing body image appreciation — went ok — until I turned to the side. Don’t even think I am gonna post those. FUGET about it! 😦


The street where I live in Florida … I was about to go for a walk in that blue outfit that I had CRUSHED my mental image before heading out the door. Still … I trudged ON!


Today … the skies are blue and the weather fine here in the deep south. We travel back home. New things to work on … life continues on in another location. 😀


Yeah … I am smiling … even though life has been SO busy. Family awaits at home. Loving baby arms. Children that I cherish because they are worth more than silver and gold. 🙂

A there we have it me driving back. Words to photos later. :). Driving and typing is hard

5 thoughts on “My Life in Pictures Part II

    • It is so very lovely Ducky. Warm gentle breezes most days. Even when it is cold I don’t mind. I think I just love the sea.

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