My life in Pictures


The love of my life. 😀

I have been all over the place the last few months … I had many stories to tell … and maybe one day I will come back and write them.  For now, I will just leave you with the photos that document the busy-travel-rich life I have had of late.   Hope you enjoy.  😀


Me wearing the shirt that used to fit when I was larger … a mens 2X … even with the weight gain … this baby is loose. Thank GOD! 😀


This is me doing weird pics for Patsy … Arms Wide Open. I was trying to squat on the airplane. I know we were headed to sad business of my hubbies father passing … but it made him smile. He needed to smile.


My Sophie girl … she loves to make faces in my phone.


Wilito thought he was so cute that he had to kiss himself in his monkey suit. Dang I got cute kiddo’s. 😉


Sophie couldn’t have her bumble bee wings so I bought her some lady bug ones. Isn’t she the cutest hybrid bug you have ever seen? 😀


This beautiful medow in Andover, MA area beside the Merrimack soothed our souls on one of my beloveds hardest days of his life. He would go to view his fathers home for the last time, and the temple in which he lived this life.


Same location by the Merrimack. Nature is one of our favorite places to regroup.


Making Mikey Laugh again … squatting in a busy intersection … he snapped my pic for Patsy. I’m letting him get away with it this time. 😉


On a walk near the coast of Rockport, MA.


Rockport, MA We stopped by some of the places we had traveled with his father … we made a stone memorial. He loved to collect them.


Back in Andover … My hubby taking a Walk in his fathers garden.


Get back home … then we work at the beach again. The sun does help with heaviness.


Laughing does the hard good–especially in sad/hard times.


He was trying to mess up my photos … so I fixed him … hahaha now everyone can see it! hehehe … 😀


I will love this man as long as I have breath. 🙂












To be continued …


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