A Family Holiday

Just in case you wonder where I am today ….

Today, I will be with my family.  It is the time of year we come together as a family and take a day to thank God for each other, and the many blessings in our lives. We take the time as a family to forgive each other for the wrongs we feel were done to us by the others. Then, over food, wine, and prayer we bless one another, and speak all the good things we would like to see in one another’s lives.

This is our special family holiday. You can’t miss it. We eat. We bless. We forgive. We take the time to see the good in each other, and give thanks for all the good things that have taken place over the year.

This is one time a year that I do not track, monitor, or anything else to the food I eat. WE just eat wonderful real food, and give thanks. Cherish each other. Live in the moment. It is Our Family Day/time. No special holiday other than — US.

Our day will be extra special this year.  We have 2 new members of the family to include–My daughter-in-law and grandson.  Our oldest son(Husband and Father to the new members) sort of left the fold of family and has not been here for more than 5 years.  What a day of rejoicing we will have.

I pray that you and yours take time out of your busy schedules to cherish each other, and the beauty that you bring to each others lives. Family is a blessing. One too big for words. I pray that each of you feel loved, and appreciated for the wonderful gifts from God that you are.

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