My Love Affair has to END.

Just SAY NO!

I am a Coke fan. I’m from the South and ALL soft drinks are COKES.  Why?  Because they are the very best–well–in my opinion they are.  It is ok if you like the other guys’ sugar water, but for me the only way to fly is with a COKE. I have been weaning down my consumption for the past two weeks.  Today, I went from 2 cokes a day to NONE.  I have been dragging for weeks now–pretty sure that it is because of the restriction of said Diet Cokes, and my addiction to the “fake” sugar water.  I feel like I have the flu, my body aches, I am grumpy, and I just plain feel horrible.  This is going to be a big change for me.  This is a 17 year love affair with DIET COKE.

What sparked my desire to give up my beloved Coke?  A number of things, but it started up seriously in me after I noticed a while back that when I drank sugar free Crystal Light my blood sugar numbers spiked.  I gave them up to see what happened.  Numbers dropped crazy fast.  I almost didn’t need medications any longer.  That got me to thinking about my diet coke habit.  Made from the same zero calorie sugar — what would happen if I gave up my diet cokes?  Would I need my medications any longer?  I am almost completely off them now anyway–so–probably.  This is a very good reason to let go and try to develop the same love for Club Soda, Tea, and Water.

We shall see … Can this be the Replacement … the Killer of my Addiction?

I want to be healthy.  I don’t want to be medication-dependent for my blood sugar control.  If drinking Diet Coke keeps my numbers elevated then … something has got to give.  A lot of new studies are showing these correlations between weight gain, and the bulgy tummy issue (which I have BIG TIME) are associated with drinking or using diet sweeteners.  If they don’t bother you … Then GOOD FOR YOU!  I mean that.  I think, really think, they bother my body.  So, for this month I am going to give them up and see how my body does without “sugar free” sweeteners in my food.  I may not get to eat much sweet–but I will live.  It is only for a month.

There has been this thought floating around in my brain–not sure where it came from–that maybe Diet Coke’s cause fake hunger.  You know, kinda like eating “REAL” sugar does about 30 mins. to and hour after consuming it, you are craving MORE.  I am starving all the time.  Maybe it is real … but MAYBE it is just a false hunger feeling, because I am causing a sugar spike.  I really do not need any help being large.  I want to set my body up for success.

***NOTE:  If drinking diet coke works for you … I am NOT here trying to rob from you a great tool in your arsenal … I am going after the killers, stealers, and robbers of MY personal health.  I am not here to make you feel stupid or lame for the choices you make–(soon to be a blog post series of mine!)–Stay your successful coarse!

Today, I noticed something odd.  Every time I would look at bread, chips, crackers, or anything else that I won’t be eating for this month of cleansing my body–I wanted–a Diet Coke.  I mean WANTED like major-bad-make-you-mad kind of NEEDED a coke.  Could it be that every time I deprived, cut back, or limited an unhealthy substance from my diet I used a Diet Coke to comfort myself?  Odd don’t you think?  I would never have noticed that, save my experience with OptiFast.  I learned to pay attention to my actions, my cravings, and my emotions while on that long fast.  So, thanks to that season of my life, I noticed an odd behavior today — I use Diet Coke to soothe my emotions.  That right there is a good enough reason to limit my exposer to them in my diet. Food nor drink needs to be my comfort–EVER!

So … here I stand … pushing through feeling like the crud monster.  Praying that I will feel much less the grumpster by this time next week.  If not … I will be here whining, and crying about my plight.  I am seriously hoping that in a few days I will feel better, but I am not holding my breath–I wanna live through this.



15 thoughts on “My Love Affair has to END.

  1. Hang in there! I’m weaning myself off Diet Coke too–used to drink about 2L a day of the stuff (eek!). Have you tried La Croix water? Several flavors and it’s really helping to fill the fizzy void for me. Good luck!

    • No, I haven’t. I have heard them mentioned before. I would have to see what they have in them to know if I could have them at this time. I am trying to be really careful with what I add in right now. This has been horrible. I weaned down to 3 a day. Then 2 a day. Then none a day.

      I NEVER thought I would have so much problems with this. It is HORRIBLE. I am diabetic and that could be complicating my withdrawals. I get pretty angry–I am craving bread, crackers, and SUGAR. So … something is up with me. Since these are seriously limited all the time. I will hang in there.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me good thoughts.

  2. All I drink is water, herbal tea and seltzer water when I go out. It’s not that bad once you get used to it and think of it as doing something kind to your body rather than depriving your body. Hang in there.

    “They” say that it takes 17 days in a row of a behavior change to make the habit stick. You can do it!

  3. I have curbed my Diet Coke craving with La Croix-I found it was the bubbly I missed. La Croix has zero sweeteners, sodium, calories, etc. The label is straight zeros and two ingredients-carbonated water and natural flavoring, if it is a flavored kind. Hope this helps!

  4. Wow, I drink a lot of Crystal Light. That makes sense now. Time to re-evaluate my own diet. And thank you, Shonnie, actually!

    • Thank You Anon for taking the time to leave me a note. 🙂 Hope you find out what things work for you. Do come back and share. 😀

  5. Fun fact: just thinking about eating desert or something sweet can raise your blood sugar. Scary huh? If thinking about sweets does that to your brain, what does tasting something sweet do?

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