No One has been Harmed in the Making of this decision … Yet. :)

Just SAY NO!

Day two of the “Say No to Diet Coke” campaign, and not one single person has been harmed.  Truly, this is an amazing feat.  I almost slapped the stem-whinin-stew out of a girl talking LOUDLY on the phone while I tried to absorb the beauty of nature to soothe the savage beast within.  She had no idea how close she came to bodily harm.  I kept looking over my shoulder giving her the stink-eye.  She didn’t get it.  She had NO idea how close she came to the full-frontal assault of my Diet Coke starved body.  I actually slowed down, because I was gonna ask her to pick her “Blanken” path before I B-slapped her into next week.  Thankfully she chose to go another direction … I happily (detect sarcasm here) trudged on with my angry aching body.

My fun path around the park. Well, it usually is fun … normally I don’t want to harm people–promise. 🙂

Later in the day my oldest daughter gave me my complex B vitamin shot–we missed it on Friday.  Not having that shot probably didn’t help with the whole cruddy feeling that plagued my body yesterday.  I’m hoping it won’t be as bad today.  I got my walk done early today.  Sans irritating women following me talking OVER my walking music!!  It was quite chilly outside–still I wore too much clothing.  I have to get used to starting cold and finishing warm.

See doesn’t that look like it would be relaxing? Usually it is. I think I just have issues. 🙂

Right now I am trying to keep my calm going by sitting on my porch, but dogs are barking and stinking making me NUTS.  I really do hope this agitation factor gets better quickly — I really do not wish to find myself behind bars.  I mean come on … nature usually calms my soul … but last two days … uh.  Well, I should probably keep some things secret.  🙂

See peaceful right?  NOPE

Maybe, it would help if I focus on things that have been going well.  Like my food.  I am eating well … even thought I am not tracking my calories–SHUT the pie whole with I need to be tracking.  I know, but somedays you just got to handle what you can handle.  Tracking is another blog post.

Been eating yummy stuff like this.

And this ….

Oh … yeah … yums ville! Just sayin’ 🙂

And this for desert ….

That is all thats in it too–well there is some oil. YUM!

So everything has not been ALL bad … but then there has been all the squatting.  Love how all the squatting makes me feel–be showin you all some pics of that later.  Gonna do some heavy lifting with my hubby this evening.  Hoping that will workout some more of this aggression built up in me.  Trying not to think about how my family has J-Low booties, and how mine has grown something fierce with all the heavy lifting.  Trying to focus on how nice and shapely my legs are getting and think about when the J-low booty starts to trim down as all these new muscles eat the extra fat.  😀

This is the stuff I tell my self when my booty snags stuff.  I really do like me.  I don’t think I am ugly.  I just think I have a Diet Coke addiction that is makin’ me slightly nuttier than normal.  😀

10 thoughts on “No One has been Harmed in the Making of this decision … Yet. :)

  1. Oh that food looks Amazeballs!!! Especially love the salad with all the avo and cherry tomatoes! Hmm Me thinks I may have to have some salad today!!

  2. I do know that you will get through this little bump in the road like you do all things! You are always an inspiration to me you push through even when you don’t want to! Why because you are awesome.

  3. I wish you could have too. We had SUCH an awesome time! Hey, we are thinking of doing the Cooper River Run in Charleston next. It’s April 6. I’m emailing my hubby right now with details to see if he wants to do it. (He would walk.) Whattaya think?

    • hahaha … Love ya right back! Man I wish I could have met up with you in Atlanta. I am known for meeitng up with folks … so just you wait! 😀

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