Day 4 and Holding

Just SAY NO to Diet Coke! Day 4

I am holding strong.  I guess I could call what I feel strong.  I am NOT drinking diet cokes.  Every time I would normally drink one I get a HUGE-ENORMOUS-COLOSSAL headache.  I get grumpy — EASY.  This was a complete shock to me.  I upped my coffee and green tea intake to balance out the caffeine so it wouldn’t be so hard — BUT it doesn’t HELP!

Yesterday, I learned that there is such a thing as an aspartame addiction (at least according to countless people who responded on FB, and a few studies out there) …Who KNEW???  I am going to share what I did yesterday on FB for all those I love; Fair Warning: the cussin’ outbursts may last until day 8 or 9.  Just in case you come into contact with me, and I smile scary like–I really do LIKE you, probably LOVE you–but this was WAY harder than I expected.I had committed to myself for 30 days to NOT drink diet cokes, or eat white bread, actually any bready foods, sugar (all forms other than fruit), dairy, and processed foods.  Most of this is not a new thing–just the diet cokes.  I usually take breaks from simple-carb rich foods, dairy, and sugars.  I am diabetic so I barely ever eat pasta, bread, or sugary anything.  It is normal for me if I feel myself getting too hung up on eating starchy foods to go for a period where I eat meat and veggies–this time I was adding in fruit (to make it easy-hahahaha)–So this did not seem like a hard thing for me to do.  WRONG! I never realized I used my diet cokes to compensate for the “lack” of these other foods in my diet.  This has been HORRIBLE!  I suppose I could quit, but I am not fond of quitting.  I have already committed to myself that I would do this.  I rarely break promises to myself.
I am gonna muscle through this.  I am gonna hang tough.  Diet Cokes are gone for Good.  I know I am not at the end yet, but there is something seriously wrong with anything that makes you this NUTS when you stop partaking of it.
On a fun note, I did come up with a cool meal last night!! Coming back in a bit with a recipe I am working on …. 🙂

Yesterday’s lettuce wraps were yummy too! This is the veggie wrap. Bibb lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado, and peppers. Yeah! 🙂

Not sure what is going on with my pictures … now it is fixed.  😀

8 thoughts on “Day 4 and Holding

    • I hope that will be the case … but I think it is toxins from the diet coke. I still take in caffeine. Honestly this is so crazy to be suffering over diet coke?

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