Day 5 … or is it?

On my way home from my walk/run (ok, you caught me … mostly walk)

Promise it is hard to keep my mind focused. I made it to walk.  I managed to make myself 2 eggs, and plum to eat.  Still … brain is wobbly.

So how am I doing in the “Say No to Diet Coke” campaign?  I’m still holding fast.

Several folks seem shocked that I am having so much trouble when they find out I did not go cold turkey on caffeine–just Diet Coke.  For the record–NO one was more SHOCKED than ME!  I did NOT  expect to have much of a problem kicking this.  I had cut back for two weeks prior.

My list of cut outs–What I am not eating for one month:

  • Sugar other than in the form of fruit–again nothing new here.
  • White Flour products (barely ever do).
  • White potatoes and corn–layin’ low on common starchy veggies (rarely consume).
  • Eating pasta in any form (rarely consume).
  • No processed food–not new either.
  • Laying off dairy (always limit this–cuz I LOVE it too much).

Why cut out the foods?  Its simple, I am trying to see what foods are aggravating my tummy.  This way I can add them back in one at a time and see which ones aggravate the problems in my body.

As for my beloved Diet Cokes, they however are not going to be a part of my life ever again.  That has been the plan from the beginning–but after the way my body has reacted to their absence–Girl friend has a NEW Purpose!  These few days have afflicted me and strangled my productivity, seriously compelling me to make a STRONG proclamation about my NEVER RETURNING to Diet Coke.

This experience has been NUTS!

Waiting for the day when I feel my energy return.  I got 3 and almost 1/2  miles of my walk/run in.  I couldn’t run as much as I normally do.  I cut the trail short from the normal 3.87 because I was concerned that I would not be able to pack of my junk and get out of here to drive to the beach.  (I know my life is so horrible.)  Maybe while I am working down there my energy will come back.  God knows I hope so.  We will be in a one bedroom apartment with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson–I need to be in a good mood. That is a SMALL space.  hahahahahaha

Just SAY NO to Diet Coke! Day 5


4 thoughts on “Day 5 … or is it?

  1. I can easily stop drinking soda. Back in the day, I could hit a 2 liter every other day of the full sugar blend. I do grab a diet Dr.Pepper at work every couple of days. I’m surprised how easily I quit most soda.

    However, I replaced the soda with Coffee and I will NEVER stop drinking coffee. I gave it up for lent 2 years ago and I turned into a raving lunatic.

    • I can only drink so much coffee — LOVE it though. Well, I love my blend of fresh ground coffee. I pic the beans with my nose — so each blend is a touch different. Hard to get addicted to anything besides my own. I didn’t realize that I was addicted. This has been super bad.

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