Yep … I’m Still Kiclin’ IT! :)

I’m smiling more now than I was last week.  I know this is an older pic–but i haven’t had time to take any new ones–work with me.  🙂

I realize that you haven’t heard from me for a bit.  That wasn’t on purpose.  I have really struggled with cutting out DIET COKE.  I am past the bad struggle now.  I have moved over into a more calm state of mind–but I have gained a tiny bit more weight.  How do I know?  Well, my clothes are tighter.  Why did that happen?  Well, while I ate clean I did eat a touch too much of “GOOD FAT.”

You do realize if you eat too much GOOD FAT you will gain weight, right?  I did full comprehend this fact, but honestly with as bad as I felt I had to draw the line somewhere.  For me I was WINNING if I ate real food, and the biggy was just simply to NOT drink a Diet Coke–oh–and to NOT harm anyone.

How do you answer this question?

I want my health pretty bad, or I would NOT have stuck through last week.  That was HORRIBLE, and I do mean HORRIBLE.  I am glad it is over.  I am not sure what day I am on–when my brain starts to function I will count them up and get you up to-date, but sufficed to say, I have NOT had a Diet Coke since I set my mind to stop.  After what I went through to get here–NEVER going to drink another diet anything!  I got my club soda!  I got my GREEN TEA!  I got my Coffee–not as big a fan of that–after a bit just gags me. I got my lemon/lime water.  So I am GOOD!

I’m off on another not-so-fun adventure.  I want it bad enough to pack my food with me–even in a non-fun time like this.  Why did I pack my food?  Well, I am gonna finish what I started this month–NO LOOKING BACK.  Will I be perfect?  Nope.  Not possible under the circumstances.

Sad news awaited me when I arose this morning.  My beloved aunt passed away last night.  I received a call from my parents on my drive back from the beach yesterday that my aunt had fallen ill again.  This time it did not look as though she would recover.  I called my very-special-and-super-close cousin to get the details of what she thought–I knew I would be leaving soon after our conversation.  I had no idea HOW soon.  After, juggling details today, I have now arrived back in my home state of Louisiana. Sleeping on the Bayou with my cousin, and preparing with family to say our final good-byes to a sweet, sweet soul.  She will be missed.

I find myself remembering trips to the same emerald shores with this sweet aunt.  She and my mother posed on the beach–IN HAIR CURLERS and Bathing Suits.  In their defense, they were preparing to leave for the long drive home and ran out to the beach for just one more look–promise–you can’t help yourself with Florida’s sugar white beaches and beautiful green clear waters.  My father snapped their pictures.  To the ladies credit they posed, and have given us something wonderful to think about for the rest of our lives.

This Aunt hosted many family gatherings.  Many, many fun memories of my big, loud, and jolly family are at her house.  Many of my fears were cultivated at this same house as well–fear of fireworks; fear of motor cycles; and fear of three wheelers.  These fears came about NOT because of my Aunt, but because of my other cousin, her son, and also my childhood Buddy.  I finally realized I was a girl and needed to start spending my time LARGELY with his Sister.  We spend many an hour listening to music and looking at blacklight posters she had on her walls and ceiling.  She was one of two OLDER cooler cousins who allowed me to hang with them–that never really stopped.

I am not sure exactly how long I am staying.  I am also not sure how well I will be able to keep up with my posts and such.  I am going to try to at LEAST post what kind of activity I am doing, and how my “Say No to Diet Coke”  campaign is going.

In the meantime–be blessed.  Take the time love on those who matter.  It has been a tough year for me.  I have lost some special people.  It makes all the more real my need to love on those who are still with me.  I pray that you too can find my challenges reason to love on those who matter.  You never know how long you have …

Take the time … Make the memories.  Today is the first day or the rest of your life.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Yep … I’m Still Kiclin’ IT! :)

  1. I hate the weight struggle that seems to just take over our lives at points. Why do some girls never have to think twice about what they eat and then girls like us look at a cupcake and suddenly its on our hips? URGH. I’m so sorry you lost your Aunt, lovely memories though! 🙂

    • Thanks Tif! I used to be one of “those girls” who ate 2 burgers, 2 fried, and washed it down this a super large coke or two without gaining. I got sick … and the world turned for me. 😉

      Seems so unfair sometimes doesn’t it.

  2. Well done for a woman in a hurry with so much to deal with. Hugs to you, Shonnie, sorry to hear of your aunt. Glad you have many fond memories. I know what you mean about diet Coke. Mine “was” diet Pepsi. But no more. I know also about good fat. Calories in, calories out. I learned the hard way, too… sigh… hugs xo

  3. I’m sorry about your aunt. she sounds lovely. On the diet coke front. I tend to lay off it myself, but I didn’t realise it ws such a demon. You look great by the way ,even if the picture isn’t recent

    • Thanks Ducky! She was a very lovely woman and her daughter and I love hangin’ out on that porch you saw the later post. Family is a big deal with me. And Diet Coke was a HORRIBLE demon for me. I will NEVER drink it again. 😀

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