Say NO to Diet Coke–Day 21

Just SAY NO to Diet Coke! Day 21

Can you believe that’s what day I’m on??  I can hardly believe it either…wild huh?  It’s true though…no Diet Coke has crossed my lips for 21 days.  I have had cravings, but the total madness has passed.  If anyone asks you if aspartame is addicting, you can tell them that Shonnie says a VERY emphatic YES!  No FAKE sugar will ever go in this girl’s mouth with her permission or will ever again.  It will have to be snuck past me–I will refuse any artificial sweetener as if it is a demon being offered to me–because IT IS!!

Even with all the stress I was under, I did not succumb to the invitation for comfort that my possessed mind tried to convince me that I would receive.  My mind strove to persuade me that if I would but partake of the fizzy, bubbly, fake sugared concoction, I would feel revived.  I poked a touch more macadamia nuts and a few more dates down my mouth than should have been consumed–I figure that it was better to eat a touch more of these “REAL” non-addicting foods than needed than to give in to sugared deserts or drinks.  😀

I feel like I won.  Even though no weight was lost in the process of removing said toxin from my diet, I ended up changing my life forever.

I will give you a much better update later.  Be blessed and eat well … S

13 thoughts on “Say NO to Diet Coke–Day 21

  1. Shonnie, your struggle with Diet Coke startled me into thinking about my own caffeine free Diet Coke habit (one in the evenings after work but then several a day on the weekend), and I wondered what it would be like to stop myself. Luckily, now three weeks later, other than fighting the weird craving of just wanting to give in and drink one, I find that some other carbonated beverage (or lemon water) takes care of my now former diet coke habit. Thank you. You bravely put yourself out there and you make a difference in doing so. Really. Your struggles (and great successes!) have inspired me and I look forward to your updates. Keep up the good fight!

  2. I have a diet coke once in a while, when I go to the cinema ( movies ) and on a very few other occasions so I had no idea of the false rush, addictive side to it. I couldn’t understand why you were so upset by it, but reading this Mr Plod is finally getting it. One thing I’ve never doubted is your fierce will-power once you are on a roll. Once more, well done you.

    • You always make me smile. Thanks. It was a complete shock to me that this would affect me so. I am still having cravings, but thankfully I resist without going all “demon” on everyone these days. 🙂

  3. You know you have totally made me think twice before going to pick up a can or bottle of diet coke or coke zero. I have definitely been drinking a lot less “diet” soft drinks! I stopped using sweetner in my tea and coffee a few years ago and figured I would just wear the consequences of sugar, but it hasn’t been so bad!

    • Well … I did NOT expect it to be this bad. I was just trying it out to “SEE” if diet coke was causing false hunger. It was. I figured I would just cut it out while I was trying to lose—NOT. I won’t be picking them back up after the pain and suffering I just went through.

  4. Good girl! I’m proud of you! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sticking with a goal is there? And you’re absolutely right… you’re better for it!

    • No, there isn’t. I just wish it had meant that I had lost weight. Girl, there was just NO way I could focus on anything else. Now, I am moving back in the “no sugar” lower fat, and lean meat direction. 😀 Hoping to lose weight without going back on strict liquid diets. 😀

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