I Tried to WRITE YOU … BUT

… WordPress wouldn’t let me on via my phone!!

How dare they?!?!?  I mean really … I pay for this service and I should get everything I pay for … wait … oh hahahaha … I don’t pay anything.  🙂

Well, … hopefully tomorrow I will get my link for my phone all fixed up so that I can stay in touch with you all and let you know how my fabo life of insanity is going.  🙂

In the meantime I am gonna leave you with a few laughs.  🙂

This made me laugh so hard!! Made me think of my daughter when she would fall up the stairs. So gotta love this kind of attitude!  😀

The same child after voting the other day. I am so proud. Hehe … really I am!

Here ya go ladies … this is what we can tell ourselves. Smile … when you see the width of your rump … means you are something extra special. 😉

Love y’all … I will be  back tomorrow with a real post … I hope.

Blessings …S

2 thoughts on “I Tried to WRITE YOU … BUT

  1. Thankyou for the laughs. Always very welcome here. I hope the diet coke is finally vanquished. I have a WordPress AP on my Iphone, but I don’t really know how to use it, and tryping a long passage with its tiny keyboard and my fat fingers would be torture indeed

  2. SHONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you doing girlie? Saying No to Diet Croak I see lol I’ve never liked soda myself – so fortunately it’s not a problem for me – BUT – SUGAR is!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been eating so much of that particular refined poision recently 😦 I need to say no to refined sugars period!!! Sending you love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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