I’m stuck in no net land

Lets see if WordPress got this app fixed. I have had horrible Internet connections and then my phone app stopped working. There was an update today — so here’s hoping.


Well, we can upload photos so maybe we can post. Haha. How do you like my divine third person speak?? How do you like our quaint beach cottage? Not exactly BY THE SEA, but very fine by my reckoning.

When I stopped at my parents place in Mississippi, on my way back from my aunts funeral, I received a text that we needed to vacate our apartment at the beach. This made me so tired I could barely stand the thought of coming to the beach. My stomach was in knots. We really didn’t need the expense of moving.

Then we found this amazing cottage. It was at the top of our budget, not exciting, but we love the location and it is very homey.


Cute place. Kickin Diet Cokes Butt. Sadly, that is the only butt I’m kickin. I’m still sporting the extra fluff drone the hormone gain. I hate having loose clothes become TIGHT CLOTHES. Makes me an angry girl.

Well … Here we go. Will it post??

10 thoughts on “I’m stuck in no net land

  1. Well done on getting the post out. That looks like a really nice little cottage. Well done on the diet coke campaign. Don’t fret too much over the tight clothes fest. If ever a lady could come out fighting after any setback it is you. Here’s me raising my cup of tea to you ( semi-skimmed. no sugar )

    • Ducky–it is a nice cottage. I am so glad NOT to have given back in, but it has been challenging. 😀 You go. I love tea plain. Wish we were having that cup ta-getha! 😀

    • Sorry, Buddy, but life has been kickin’ the CRAP out of me. I think I got a handle on it. 😀 Don’t make me come down there and kick yo rear. I bet I could find you. I got so shady family down your way and they could probably hunt you up. 😀

  2. That’s a pretty place Shonnie!!! I get you with the hormones and the tight clothes 😦 needs to be sorted and guess what? We’re just the gals to do it! 😀 xxx

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