Bleda, Bleda, Bleda ….

I just wanted you to know that I still have a sence of humor and I can and do laugh at myself–even when I am down and frustrated.  I was gonna take a pic in the tube with me and Sophie, but she was too fast, then I saw my hair and busted out laughing.  I had to take this pic–I mean even my blond highlights are visible.  If you can’t see them–time to break out your glasses.  🙂

Life has been super busy.  Finding the new place.  Throwing a birthday party at my house after packing moving and cleaning two locations–Well–it was, in fact, FOUR birthday parties.  Making cakes.  Cooking food.  Cleaning another HOUSE!  uhhhh … thankfully, My daughter and Daughter-in-law helped me with this one.

Girl is TIRED!  Has been tired for WEEKS!  Girl, still has fun though. Girl hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in 3 weeks.  Yes, I am doing body weight exercises, going for walk/runs, and riding my bike, but, well.  I love lifting heavy and being tortured by “Donna the Trainer Nazi Jones”  what can I say?  I know I am weird.

Grumpy … Don’t make me come back to LA and Kick Your Butt!  Dizi girl … thanks for checking on me!  Love ya!  😀  Ducky … thanks for always making me smile!

I think I got my life back on track.  I should be around a LOT more.  😀

Just in case you wonderded how I got that static hair … well … I went sliding with Princes Sophie!  😀

Yeah … even if I can’t spell Playtime … I can act it out! 😀

6 thoughts on “Bleda, Bleda, Bleda ….

    • Awe, thanks Angie. I am not feeling like an inspiration right now. I feel like a flopspration. 😀 I will take your words as truth and act accordingly. Since it is my mission to have an Attitude of Grattitude about myself this week. 😀

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