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The Running Commentary

This handsome man is my father.   I Owe my good looks and my raunchy sense of humor to him.  He turns 70 On August 17, 2013.





This is Dick.  He’s my friend and running mentor.  He turns 70 approximately 3 weeks afer my dad does.






I love my dad.  I think he’s the smartest, toughest guy I know.  Fifty percent of my genes came from him and they fit me pretty well.  I wouldn’t trade my dad for anyone.  But lets face it, when I turn 70 years old.  I want to be a Dick.

Dick’s a pretty amazing guy.  He’s a runner (obviously) and has been for over 50 years.  Dick will tell you that there are a lot of reasons to run, but there is only one correct reason: because you love it.

Dick runs 4-5 days a week…

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