I’m so doing this. I really love raw foods. I am working on a sub for the agave nectar — too proccessed and too sweet for me. Any ideas?

Allison Eats

Since going Paleo, I’ve been pinning amazing looking primal recipes like crazy, despite rarely having time or motivation to cook or bake more than once a week. This recipe comes from A Dash of Compassion, where it took the form of a “raspberry-lemon dreamcake.” Besides looking absolutely gorgeous, I was impressed how one could achieve such a convincing looking cheesecake with just the ingredients listed; I knew I had to try it out!

I decided to change the flavors up a bit to personalize it, and since key lime pie is easily one of my favorite desserts, the swap from lemon to lime seemed easy enough. Not only is this treat so simple to make, the 90+ degree weather lately made it perfect timing to make something that didn’t require me to turn on my oven. This cake turned out to be such a delicious and refreshing frosty treat…

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  2. Hang on in there Shonnie. I am always rooting for you. You have so much characetr and determination that you deserve success, and to have loads of fun over the Christmas perdiod. I really hope you do

    • I will have a great time. We are not big into gifts, but family time — bunches. 😀 The kiddos will get gifts and that is gonna be fun!

      Hope you and yours are blessed.

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