Where am I?

Lost in my life.

Trying to find my path to life and health.  Working to love my family … my life … myself.  Everyday is a challenge in itself.  Not that it is bad, but a press. I am still moving down in my weight.  I still do not know what that number is.  Mike refuses to even give me a hint.  He says, “Why mess with whats working?”  I can’t really argue with that.

The sad thing is I am still wearing my “Fat” clothes … I am trying NOT to think about that and think about the fact that my number of pounds gone is moving in the correct direction.  I lost a half a pound this morning.  I have only had one gain and two stalls this go round, but mostly a constant moving downward.  Love this.  Too bad I am not competing agains the gang on weight loss … I would so blow everyone out of the water.  😀

Oh well you can’t have it all … still I feel like I am winning.

This has been a year of losing ground … On so many levels.  I think I just might be about to start gaining some ground all around.  I so hope so.  Right now for the next week or so I will be sporadic at best posting.  My daughter-in-law’s Mother and Sister are here from Alaska and Canada.  So my order of life is slightly off.

I have been terrible at posting.  For that I am sorry.  That is going to be my new goal for January 2013 to post regularly again — no matter how crazy my life is.  😀

How are you all doing?  Are you still out there?  Do you still follow my posts?

18 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. to not be here for too long means to miss too much love and support!!! Girlies it is freezing cold and WET here – just as you would imagine England in December would be lol xxx

  2. I often wonder how you are. I have’nt seen you at my Blog for a thousand years, and you seem to be facing every battle possible. I’ve always loved your courage, your loyalty to your family and the warmth you display. God Bless You x

  3. However crazy your life is, I always miss your posts and your visits to my Blog. I’ve had a sense you’re not going throught the best of times, but I know you are a gutsy and fantastic fighter, with a loving husband and family, so I have no doubt you will win through against whatever is confronting you

  4. Girls – I’m with you both!!! I’m on and off the radar I know – life is busy isn’t it? and we have had our focus re-directed – but we’ll regain it! I’m a bad blogger, a bad housekeeper, a bad everything at the moment – but I am working on it – I’ve started writing ‘To Do’ lists and I feel I ought to add ‘Blogging’ because it’s been so good for me over the past two years BUT no matter how things go – we started this journey together and we might lapse a little here and there but we’ve got each other and we’re only as far away from each other as we are from our keyboards 😀 It’s cold here too Beth!!! I’ve started to wear a woolly hat lol xxx love you girls xxx

    • Love you both so much. It’s chilly here, but nothing like what Beth is dealing with. Driving to the beach where it is just chilly at night. 70s and high 60s during the day.

  5. Still here! Still following! I, too, have other “stuff” goin’ on. But life has intruded on my time for blogging and for responding to friend’s blogs. For me, I think it’s a good thing. I need to get back to the gym, but it’s been butt cold around here and I’m not a fan of being a human popsicle, as well you know. 🙂 That’s been my frustration…

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