uhh… yeah … and toss in a little of that too.

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This is how my life has been of late.

In all honesty, I barley know which way is up.  My daughter-in-law’s Mom and Sister are staying with us until the 24th.  This has been a fun addition to our lives, but change none-the-less.  I love having guests in my home.  I really do.  It is amazing though how out of my order I get when people are here from far places.  Alaska and Canada on this go round.  I tend NOT to do my own routine when family or guest are in my home.  I keep some of my normal plans, just not all of my norm.

Workin' on keeping my happy focus.  Even with the Waterheaters broken, the truck broken, and well it looked like the dryer was broken too .... with a house full of people.  Thankfully the dryer wasn't messed up.  :D

Workin’ on keeping my happy focus. Even with the Waterheaters broken, the truck broken, and well it looked like the dryer was broken too …. with a house full of people. Thankfully the dryer wasn’t messed up. 😀

Why?  That is a great question.  I know it doesn’t bother me when other folks stick to their normal life plans when I am around–well–unless they are kinda rude about it and barely bother to speak with you when you come.  Those people I just don’t go back to see.  I think I am a capture the moment kind of person.  I have lost some very special people in my life that made a lasting impact upon my value of the people in my life.  I know life can change on a dime, and those you assumed you would have endless time with are no longer there.  Today is the only time you actually have, and even that is precarious.  I believe in savoring the moments we have with those we care about–While it is today.

This means that my life is a little less ordered, but I have missed some of those moments in the past and lived to regret it.  So, please forgive me when I go missing … live flesh and blood people are standing with me and I just can’t miss them, especially when they have come so far.

Many blessings be upon you and those you love during this Christmas season.  Much love and wishes for a Fantastic New Year.

Photo on 12-19-12 at 11.57 AM

I’ll be spyin’ on ya! 😉

I’ll be back a bit later on today to scope you all out.


P.S.  and did I mention that I haven’t had a diet coke still??  Well, I haven’t–just thought you might want to know.

Did I also mention that I committed to this strict diet plan before I had a confirmation that they were in fact coming.  Yeah!  Thats been super fun (sense the sarcasm).  I’m still losing and well … I still don’t know how much.  😀

I just got back from the beach and well … I still feel out of sorts there too.

13 thoughts on “uhh… yeah … and toss in a little of that too.

  1. I really hope you had a great Christmas and did’nt get too frazzled by your hostessing duties. I agree with you about guests. They are a lot of fun, normally at least, but can certainly be tiring. I have loved following you in 2012, and you are always a source of inspiration to me, even when you feel too tired to think. I hope 2013 is a brilliant time for you. You have my very warmest best wishes

  2. Never liked ‘soda’ drinks – one vice I haven’t had to give up… chocolate on the other hand had me at ‘Hello’ I know I will never truly kick the habit, only – if I’m lucky – control it for stretches at a time! I understand what you’re saying about visitors – you can’t be too strict on your routine because it’s not the things we do that we regret (per se) it’s the things we don’t do – so if you lose too many precious moments given up to routine – you lose too much fun and warmth – our happy memories are based on people and things we’ve done together – I can’t imagine that anyone would sit in their nursing home, rocking in their chair thinking ‘I’m so glad I vacuumed the carpet and washed the dishes as much as I did this past 85 years….’ haha

    Hope we touch base before Christmas Shonnie but if not – as Frankie says RELAX 😀 Have fun and look forward to the fun we’re going to have in 2013 (the year I’m going to be 50 EEK!!!! I think as I haven’t grown up by now – I don’t have to haha) xxx

  3. Good for you for sticking with your Diet-Coke-Free life! Little changes make a big difference. Your body thanks you (even if you can’t always feel it).

    Hang in there and enjoy the holidays as much as possible!

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