New Years Quick Fixes and Helps

I try to surround myself with men and women who focus on positive motivation Chichi is one of those people I love following.  I feel like so much of the time, especially women, but all of us struggling with weight problems, beat ourselves up enough.  We need to believe in ourselves, hope for ourselves, trust ourselves, know ourselves, and do what we know/learn works for our bodies to gain the health that we long for.  I felt like Chichi’s status update was empowering.  Enjoy:

Fit Villains (Chichi Kix) herself.

Fit Villains (Chichi Kix) herself.  This is her Facebook Cover Photo

This month is all about the quick tips. Try this, avoid this, use a smaller plate, attach a vibrator to your fork, only eat _____ color foods, lock your fridge, spank yourself with rubber bands, count to ten while you chew, do lunges while vaccuming, put up pictures of larger women on your freezer, hop on one leg while having dinner, “trick” your body into _______.

Ugh. How stressful. And useless. And brain messing-upping. (and c’mon, your body is way to smart to be ‘tricked’. You can’t outclever your bod. Sorry. It’s too freaking amazing at ‘saving you’ from yourself).

My best tip? Avoid the tips. Focus on the basics, not the ‘quick fixes’.

Eat more veggies. Drink more water. Go to bed on time. MOVE more than you did today. Do it. Get better at it with practice, and forgive your missteps. There is no deadline. No race. No finish line. This is your life. You’re just getting better at making it a healthier (possibly longer, more bad ass, more energetic) one.

Take it one day at a time. Keep doing it until it feels completely normal (happens faster than you think, AND you boost your chances of sticking to it by doing little bits at a time). THEN, after it feels normal, feel free to tweak it where you need to.

But all that energy you’re spending trying to find the ‘best way’, is energy you need to do it ‘your way’. And finding YOUR way is what will WORK.



2 thoughts on “New Years Quick Fixes and Helps

    • Thank You Ducky. I really hope the same thing for both of us … that we stop driving ourselves crazy. I know I will never be completely sane. hehehe … but it works for me. 😀

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