Psss …. come over here …

Yea, you.

I need to confess …

Yeah … I need to confess.  I am afraid when I do you will … FREAK … on me.  I know … I know … I am open and I am honest … well, I have been … mostly.  Now, I think with this new year it is time for me to take the gloves off and take a stab at telling the whole truth.


Yep, I’m just a touch scared.


Well, people tend to be judgmental and critical … harsh even.  Sigh … Alas … I just cannot stay in hiding.  So, if I step on your toes, forgive me.  If I offend your sensibilities, I am sorry.  If I disappoint you, well, such is life and I am human.  I forgive you for putting me upon a pedestal that I should never have been placed.

To be continued …


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